New Moon in Leo
Sunday, August 12, 4:03 pm PDT, 7:03 pm EDT

Let your inner lion roar on the New Moon in Leo as pride, will, creativity and heartfelt emotions are expressed dramatically. Celebrate yourself and the joys of life with play, romance and grand acts of generosity. Spiritual Neptune opposes the conjunction of the Sun, Moon and Mercury (resident scribe and gossip columnist) to add imagination and compassion to this ego-fest. While delusions of grandeur may produce fantasies that will never come true, the upside of this opposition is uncharacteristic sensitivity that tames Leo’s all-consuming fire. Personal power and collective concerns can align to honor the individual while serving others.

“The New Moon in Leo is a journey to the child’s heart where ego-centrism and generosity spin their strands of contrasting colors. Self-interest should not be denied—it lies at the core of confidence – but when we truly love ourselves it is a joy to give to others. True power is not corrupt, it is warm, noble and caring, so allow yourself its full expression. Gifting yourself with potency enriches the rest of much us much as it honors you.”

Full Moon in Pisces
Tuesday, August 28, 3:35 am PDT, 6:35 am EDT

This lunation is a Total Eclipse, adding power and intensity to the Sun-Moon opposition. The Moon in Pisces represents boundless emotions while the Sun in Virgo is the narrow filter of the rational mind. Both signs, however, are highly refined, which can produce strain with a high strung combination of sensitivity and perfectionism. Panic is possible over petty issues that balloon into major concerns. Peace can be found with spiritual practices like prayer and meditation, in the solitude of nature or with the healing beauty of the arts. Forgive yourself for your imperfections and for not saving the world, leave behind old regrets and ride a new wave of inspiration.

And for those born 1979 (Saturn in Virgo) Your journey starts from this date and will stay there till 21st July 2010

Saturn in Virgo
Sunday, September 2, 6:47 am PDT, 9:47 am EDT

Structuring Saturn’s entry into Virgo stresses corrupt and outmoded systems, revealing cracks that need repair, not repainting. Take a long, slow look at the way you organize your life, from thinking processes to daily habits. The clarity of Saturn shines an unsentimental light on the way your beliefs are constructed. Those that are worthy will survive this scrutiny and, in fact, be strengthened by it. Concepts about yourself and the world that are weak may fall apart under careful analysis. This can be upsetting and confusing, but helps you to weave a sturdier cloth that will stand the test of time.

  1. Sourced : StarIQ
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