Hello RedBubble!!

Hello to all who read my very 1st journal entry. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my work.
Just a little about me..I was blessed to draw. Ive been drawing forever. I was originally an airbrush artist but decided, one day, to try my hand at canvas work and murals. Ive done countless pieces on canvas for family and friends as well as a few commissioned pieces.
I have also completed several murals. Once my website is complete, Ill post the link for you to check them out.
I have only been burning since October and am totally loving it (and wondering where its been all my life). All of the pyro pieces you see are my most recent works. Im putting the final touches on several more in preparation for an upcoming show.
The 2007 Urban League Black Fine Art Show will be held here in St Louis. You can visit my myspace page to view pix after the 28th.

Once again..Id like to thank you for stopping by. Feel free to comment on my work.


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