Ok RedBubble, You ARE a Class Act!

So this morning I received an email from Peter Styles, (RedBubble’s co-founder) and I am floored. The jist of the email as follows:

This is just a short note to say thanks for your involvement in
RedBubble! It was our third birthday yesterday and as I
reflect on the evolution of RedBubble what I find most
uplifting is how we’ve been able to positively touch thousands
of lives. Through the supportive and encouraging environment
that we’ve all helped to create we’re helping people to
explore their creative genius.

As an active host on the site you help to create the positive,
encouraging environment that makes RedBubble a special place.
And as a small way of saying thanks I’d like to offer you a
RedBubble voucher for US$25
The voucher will be active until 23 Feb and can be entered
during the checkout process.

I’d also be interested in creating a collection of the stories
behind RedBubble – so if you feel like jotting a few words
about your RedBubble experience please drop me an e-mail with
your reflections.

Cheers and thanks again,


Here is my reply to Peter:


I have to say that I am absolutely floored by your email, RedBubble and you ARE such a Class Act! You made my day, not because of the Coupon, but because you care to hear from “your” artists, and that speaks volumes.

I was introduced to RedBubble by Kimberly Palmer (also on the bubble), whom I met while on Shutterpoint. Initially I was very reluctant to make the switch to RedBubble, mainly because it just is a hassle to keep images on multiple sites. But it became clear to me, that I belong more to an “artist” site, than a stock photography site. So when my Shutterpoint storage contract ran out, I joined the bubble in Oct 2007. I have loved being here ever since. What I enjoy most about RedBubble, are the many friendships I have formed, with so many great artists. These friendships will last a lifetime, and I want to thank you for providing us with a site, where this can occur. Recently I went on a photoshoot with Michael Bermingham from Australia who came to the US to visit (we had become good friends, exclusively via RedBubble). There are some other artists whose work I have admired for years, that I would love to meet in person, and am sure hoping I will get to someday. RedBubble is incredibly user friendly, an image can be posted with such ease. I love the many groups and you guys deserve big kudos for setting up a way for us to run Group Challenges. If there was one thing that I don’t like about RedBubble, it would be the somewhat high commissions you charge, but I understand you are running a business and are providing me with a great tool to get my work seen.

YOU are a Class Act, thank you so much for providing us artists with a great playground.


Andy Mueller

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