in every kiss I have drowned.
I am compelled to touch you,
an in ever caress I die.
infatuated by you I am trapped.
your eyes know no bounds,
for they have seen my lose.
in every empty kiss the truth swallows me.
to run from you but only to fall in to you.
I have cried and starved myself of your caress.
you love me not but have pushed away my pain.
If only you could fall into my tears
and drown in the sickly sweet saltiness of my sorrow.
I need to be with out you.
you have become my obsession.
an like a magnet you pull me to you,
an have made me yours.
I have tumble over lies and have been left in the dark for you.
Theo my pain may consomme me,
I will no longer be blinded to my obsession.
I will drink of my remedy and desire you no more.

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