Joy Share: Money is Love!

Having decided on a break after the longest job I’ve had, my passion for the past five months has been to relax from worry, choose happy thoughts & feelings, and allow the unlimited abundance of the universe into my experience with ease & joy.

I have been on the ride of my life with a string of joyful inner openings; the most recent ones came on the heels of a practice retreat in Mindful Relating (see and a special 6-hour group session with my Network Care chiropractors.

On Monday, an insight came over me in the steam room at the gym that MONEY IS UNIVERSAL LOVE. For the first time, instead of wanting to believe it as a concept, I experienced this truth with every fibre of my being.

Coincidentally (or naturally, really) on the same day, thanks to my friend Ena Lu, we started playing this game of affirming after each time we donate or give money away that we receive ten fold for the highest good of all. I found myself more open & aware walking down the street, being ready to give money when asked (I live in a part of Sydney when this can happen daily).

Not being asked for money that day, I extended this game to include every time money was exchanged, e.g. paying for a meal or grocery shopping. I also found myself being more mindful to delight in interactions with others from having eye contact with a stranger, offering tourists directions, to being with a friend.

I realised yesterday: Of Course! Every Interaction is an Opportunity for Mutual Presence and Well Wishing!

I love how this desire to experience life more deeply and playfully was triggered by knowing MONEY IS LOVE!! :)

I woke up from a beautiful dream this morning, feeling a sense of spacious completeness and had to play the chirpy dance track of “This Is It” by Dannii Minogue (!), singing… “This is it! This time I know it’s the real thing…”

Come join me!!!! LOL
“Desire is the beginning of all new Creation.” ~ Esther Hicks/Abraham

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