Show Your Age

I’ve just been talking to my sister. She’s 37 years old and a mother of 3 children.

The eldest being 20.

My sister went the local corner store to buy bread and milk or something but she was also aked to buy some cigarettes.

When at the counter the assistant aked for ID for the cigarettes.

“Erm…” said my sister, “I’ve got a drivers licence” and showed to the assistant.

“No” said the assistant “It needs to be a photo ID”.

My sister had a paper one…. from 20 years ago….. BIG MISTAKE !

“I’ve got credit card and a lifetime of experience” thought my sister,

“Not enough” said the assistant.

So my sister went back to the car to get her daughter (who has a photo ID and a drivers licence and is 20) to buy the cigarettes for her.

Funny old world ain’t it…. !

Wayne = ))

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