Another Thought

It’s just after Christmas over here in the UK and I’d like to wish everyone a very happy holiday and hope no’one over indulged on Christmas day……. Okay we all did !

It’s at this time that we all think about those people that aren’t with us. Either gone or simply travelling.

With this thought in mind I would like to draw attention to our family members, friends, colleagues and mates who are away in the service of their nation.

Although this video contains one regiment of the British army, many other nation’s servicemen and women are doing the same thing today and is equally dedicated to them aswell.

Redbubble is not a political soapbox and I have no intention of using that way.

I simply think I should (at this time especially) think about those Guys and Girls that did this yesterday, today and again tomorrow and wish them all a peaceful New Year.


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