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I’m a Melbourne based amateur artist who loves drawing; in particular Life Drawing. I always aim to add a portraiture element in my...


Sticky Messages

Hello. Please tell me what the heck are “Sticky” messages?
I wrote messages in our group but instead of being at the front they are piled 3 pages of sticky notes written by another host. I guess that these are listed alphabetically so “S” will appear at the front..but what are these sticky notes anyway?



A Question of Copyright

I was just musing over a few things that pop up on RB and started to wonder where we all stand in regards to copyright, when artworks are copied directly from another source. I have posted a few portraits from photos I have found from either magazines or the net: but I do not offer them for sale (or copies of them) because I have not embellished them or changed them in such a way as to make the final result a new original work; nor have I sought permission from the owner. It seems that the closer you are to the original image the less rights you have to sell it: the composition is not your original idea. I see some works that are so close to original it is hard to tell them apart. this may be a compliment to the artist but if available for sale does it infringe on copyright? If challenged…

To trace or not to trace..that is the question.

A while ago I bought a book about Boris Vallejo and his wonderful imaginative artworks. As part of his process he photographs models and projects the image onto his blank page, then proceeds to trace the image to maintain perspective and accuracy. He then adds the various creatures and backgrounds and paints them accordingly. I have of course just flippantly described a very intense and creative process: my apologies :)

My question: Is tracing (of any kind) acceptable these days?
I personally never trace, but I have been asked a few times if I do and would I consider doing it. Perhaps I’m old fashioned but I always thought it was “cheating”.
I just wanted to ask my fellow RB’ians what you opinion was please.

Kind Regards,


Today: September 9th 2011

Thanks to the entries of Miss Audrey I felt inspired to add thoughts of my own to my Journal…never done this before other than rantings on Yahoo so be gentle with me :)
I was just pondering about something I experienced this morning. I had to visit a local pathology center as I need to get a test done (don’t ask…the price you pay for eating overseas) and upon entering, noticed a sweet elderly lady, all dressed up and smelling delightfully “Nanna-ish” all lavender soap. She was sitting on her walker near the door, obviously waiting for an organized “someone” to take her home. We caught each others gaze and I politely smiled as I entered and was greeted with the same in kind. The room was full of people, waiting for tests etc…there must have been at least 20 in there..some elderly some not, …

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