Smile your breathing

If this is the place for creative education, sharing and critique then i’m in the right realm. I have been interested in the arts for, let’s say for life. I began writing poetry when i was a little tacker. Did my first eisteddfod at about 7 yrs of age reading scriptures. The earliest recording I have of my work is from about age 11, (1975).

I was born at Yarram in the state of Victoria, Australia. My parents were dairy farming at the time, so I had a serene farm lifestyle upbringing for 10 yrs before they moved to a small country town called Heyfield, where they purchased the newsagency.
Having loved all forms of literature from an early age, this seemed like a dream come true to a 10 yr old, except for the compulsory paper rounds before and after school.
I was sent to and attended Sale Catholic College which was great for english, grammer, literature, and the cane! Thanks to all my old english teachers, I am Indebted to you.
Dan Bayles, Peter Surkitt, Mrs Stephenson are some of the one’s I remember.
Oh and lots of sisters (nuns) at primary schools.
Work took me from Heyfield to all over victoria and other states of Australia, finally getting a flat in St kilda (party city) then a family home in Lilydale.

23/01/2010. I am presently writing a novel called Black Moon.
19/12/2011. Still writing book, when i feel like it.

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