Hi all, I´m new

Hello everyone, just set up my account here and uploaded some of my art and much more will be up here in the coming days.

Learned now that the shape of the picture and resolution is important to what products they can be used on.

At the moment I´m having a hard time in life with starting on a new full time job and just finished some studies and a move to another part of my country so now I live on my own completely with no one I know close but I´m a lonewolf so I will survive :)

Okay so since I´m new here: just learned to tag my art and make it to groups and lower the price since I doubt anyone will pay for my graphite pencil art xD But does anyone here have suggestions on what I should do now when I´m new and what more I can do here on redbubble? :) Is used to Deviantart which were mostly about commenting and giving ideas/advices on how to get better at drawing.
Or if my art is even good enough for this site?

Looking forward to see comments and if I one day get followers and other artists to follow :) Much to learn here.

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