entry one...

just to sum shit up round here,,

НЕ КОММУНИСТ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats right im not….. and also, НЕ НАЦИСТ!!!!!!!!!

fuk, damn people get uptight when they see my name, “,CCCP.WarHammer*” …holy shit comrades, what is with you, i don’t go killing people, i sure the hell don’t go around shouting “hail the great one…..for the union….” well okay maby sometimes :P hehe lol

gezzus :/ get real. why you all think im bad just labling me from my name.?!?!? yeah i am proud to be Russian, dose that make me less of a person? like you saying your proud to be american, dose that mean i can hate you? dose that mean i should be scared? dose that mean i should say rasist remarks in hope’s it “drives you back to where you came from” as you said(actual message from member here)

ack whatever.
Вы американец дерьмо…………

alright im gone i reallllllllllly have to go………..

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