The Solidarity Contest!

  • T h e S O L I D A R I T Y Contest ==*
    Do You Feel Concerned?

Lend a hand, give a smile.
From April 17th to October 17th 2008.

Here’s my Big 2008 Project : Collect funds for an association.
So this contest is really special.
Read and participate if you are interested. You can participate in different ways.

Humanity needs us.
We all live together but there are differencies.
We were not born in the same place, we were not born with the same abilities, we were not born in the same society, in the same family, We did not all get the same opportunities.
We are not equal. We all need each other, we all need a hand, in different manners, different ways.

In the World…
A child die of hunger each 5 seconds…
100 persons die each day of hunger…

October 17, World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty.
On October17, 1987 Joseph Wresinski made a speech in Paris – France. (read this speach at the end of this article).
In 1992 the United Nations recognized this day as the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

This contest is made to fight against poverty.
We can all show our support, we can all lend a hand.
This contest will be really special.
The prizes for the winners will be : FUNDS for a NGO (Non-Governementale Association) : CONCERN (You know this association from the White Band).


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