Hopes and Dreams

I’m not posting this as “news”, since nothing is final yet, but I may be publishing a small magazine somewhat soon. If so, it will be a very small new publication, so no payment for the first few issues at least, only prestige. (That will be true for the dedicated, hard-working editor as well.) And, to make it worthy of notice, I will need to pull on all my tough alligator skin editor clothes, fit my editor’s claws and fangs in place, and demand only the best.

I agree that it isn’t the best of deals for those who write for the first few issues – but I will give their work special consideration in later issues, as long as they keep up the quality. I hope to draw writers from outside RedBubble as well, but I do know there are those of you who write well enough to possibly be accepted, if you are willing to endure the brutal editing process. So at least be thinking what you could write for a short (20-30 pages) speculative fiction magazine with a somewhat loose definition of the boundaries of that genre.

And, again, please don’t try the “we’re friends, so you can publish this even without any editing, can’t you?” ploy. You see, if an editor wants his magazine to succeed, he has to be as brutal as possible in fighting for the very best he can get. I’m practicing; I hope to make Evil Editor look like a benign old fellow. Only that has any hope of pulling in the quality of work that will attract readers’ attention. The only boundary I might relax, in a few exceptional cases – the ban against “pre-published” stories. If it has been posted up here, I wouldn’t automatically rule it out. Again, no pay at least in the beginning, but it might make a nice credit for your query letters if the magazine does manage to attract any notice at all.

That’s really the sticking point. There is so much out there on the Net, it is nearly impossible to get noticed. So, I’ve got to gamble – unless I can think of a stunt so crazy it can’t miss… Will I or won’t I? I’ll let you know either way when the final decision is made.

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