Writers' Concerns

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the troubles we face as writers. We need to figure out new ways of marketing our work, to fit the changed world we live in. We need to perfect the methods and tools necessary to do that.

We need to figure out how to deal with the “Orphaned Works” copyright law. Even if you don’t live in the US, it will affect you, because US companies are online. One response to date is dreadful for writers and anyone creative. How can we respond?

Other issues, other questions, all needing answers. I am in a position to see and understand some of the changes, so I’m setting up a ‘brainstorming group’ of writers to discuss ideas that may help us all. It won’t be on RedBubble – some of the concerns we need to discuss ought to stay private until we act. (Orphaned Works problems, for example.) I have a line on a possible ‘home’, and if that falls through, there are other options.

At least to begin with, I have to keep the numbers down to something I have the time and ability to manage. We may – and probably will – add more interested parties as we proceed. But if this sounds like something that truly concerns you, and if you think you might have ideas to contribute (it doesn’t matter how offbeat they are – the most successful brainstorming often springs from offbeat ideas), get in touch with me, please.

I don’t feel I have the right to tell any of you how to spend your time – otherwise, there are a few of you I’d ‘draft’ right now. Please don’t be shy. If the numbers fill up, I’ll put you on a waiting list, or whatever seems to work. This is just getting started, so nothing is set in concrete, cast in bronze, or carved in stone, yet.

I am editing this to add a few details. First of all, I have a private group set up on Diigo. I’d need an e-mail address, and I can send you an invitation to Diigo and the group. (No invitations needed for Diigo, actually.) This is necessary as one company has designed a “service” that is, if I am charitable, very poorly designed. Since such companies often set up “infotraps” on their names, and we don’t want them knowing our plans prematurely, we must discuss that matter at least in private.

Second, we want to design the “ideal” site for all writers, not just pros. One that will help us teach each other, share tips, and anything else any of you could use: as well as aid those who would be pros in marketing their work.

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