Its a tremendous feeling when people interact…

I honestly feel some sort of peace on this website its bizarre, hopefully not too bizarre, but it feels good that your neighbors can know each other and that people can past by and say HEY

I mean its all online, artificial, right but even then I guess theres a touch of human in small grabs, gabs and drabs that you get on this site by putting something up that might have a lot of meaning to you and reading the feed back

Its something you don’t get in my experience, and it agitates me to the extreme, coming from El Salvador and coming from a place where people are so humbled by their surroundings that they know their predicament and share it with the town from the person next door to the person 2 streets away theres isn’t that stand offish senti

You Know

Iv ebeen thinking to myself that one day i’ll change the world i dont know if any one else feels like that or feels so confident about that but i dont know i guess i believe it that one day i ll change things…

today i was reading about some construction workers in china about how they were paid in promises so the emplyer or the chief site manager whatever you want to call him he would literally write down on a piece of a paper nothing legally binding that he promised to pay them the money

the piece of paper wasnt worth a thing it was a promise, and that is all apparently lots of them go back home with this paper and just hope they get paid a lot of them dont

and here we are so privileged, what do you do, a lot of people on this site seemingly have a lot similar views to the rest of us it

I COnfess

well its been about three days or so on redbubble and i must admit i am obsessed and just want to keep putting more stuff up Iam always checking the site out and seen whats on offer I just cant get enough

I am spending a healthy amount of time on this, does anyone else do that?

The End

Hi, sorry for my lack of syntax but i am sure it wont matter toooo much, any how i’ve been meaning to put something on here for ages havent done so cause i am one of those artist who feels like their work is never finished never good enough and needing more anyways i have one up and hopefully some of you guys get a chance to check it out

i put it up there on clothes cause I like the thought of one day been at some random place doing some random thing and potentially seen my design out of no where come at me and id be like hey i did that

i guess it my way to say this is what i believe in and maybe you do to and if so maybe we could our plans for world domination

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait