What a cute love story...

Check out this song

its called “La Llave de Mi Corazon” or the Key to my Heart by Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerra! The story of a guy that felt in love with a girl online and called a love guru who advised him to dance his way into her heart. Too funny and cute not to share ;) It has the qualities of a romantic comedy.

Merengue with Mambo! could it get any better than that? When he asked the love guru what he should do if he should learn Spanish to met this lovely Dominican flower, he exclaimed that he needed a resolution because this girl had the “key to his heart”; and he answered through dance it reminded me that’s how I met my husband, I was his Latin Dance instructor. So romantico! It made me wonder how many love stories have started the same way.

My work inspired by this song:
One In Sound

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