Exciting News...

We have some New Challenges Opened in the First Things Group for which you are welcomed to participate:

Here are some Challenge S p o t l i g h t s:

The Beauty of Childhood

Childhood culture at its best!
-Pictures, arts and all creative works depicting children or a child, your child or your own childhood, or someone else’s child from whom you have permission to use their image or relatives who are children, for e.g. a cousin, niece, nephew, etc.

Ages must be and can range anywhere from 13 to 21, with 18 as the limit for this particular challenge.

Remember that:
It is never too late to have a happy childhood
Tom Robbins (American Novelist. b.1936)

and that

The essence of childhood is play


Heaven on Earth

Looking for Heavenly looking images, pictures, artistic creations, as if Heaven on Earth.

Fresh unique creative ideas

Pictures of this Earthly paradise, Art depicting the Earth.

Pictures and artworks which look “Just Like Heaven”, or Just Like the Earth.

Also something which defines the Earth proper of the earth which makes you feel as looking at it as if you were in Paradise or Heaven.

Pictures of Humans and other Earth’s inhabitants.

A picture which contains representations of both Earth and Heaven or focuses on either or.

for e.g. the main challenge Avatar picture portraits an Earth Angel.

p.s. Don’t forget to vote and please include your work in the group for additional feature opportunities. Thanks!

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