Check out this "budding" artist!!

I would LOVE for y’all to please check out this friend of mine. She’s a budding artist in photography & writings. She’s a really good one too! I hope that y’all will take a minute to go check out her work.. She’s new to RB and just learning the “ropes”. I’ve told her to be sure to add her works to groups so she’ll get more exposure. ;)

Thank y’all for a taking a minute to check her out!


I apologize for my absence!

Oh my….I want to do this as a journal because there’s no way to reach all of you at one time other than this. :)…

I want to apologize for my absence….I’ve been gone a while! I feel horrible for it being so long, but I’ve just had a ton of things going on, and the main one is battling migraines! UGH…yep they came back, and hopefully we’ve got them under control again, but we shall see.

Anyway….I should have checked in more than I did, and for that I apologize. I will have to cut back on the work I do in the groups I’ve been helping host, but I just don’t know yet which ones. When I figure it out…I’ll let you other hosts know via the group host forum.

I do have several pics to share with you all, and I hope to get them uploaded soon. Hope this finds y’all doing GREAT and in GOOD HEALTH!!!


Thanks so much!!!

I just want to take a moment to say a big


To you all for my recent features for Sept & Oct 2009! I have been late in saying thanks.

I also want to say THANKS!! to The Sisterhood group for using My work Prevention as their weeks avatar! I am very honored. This piece means a lot to me.

Many Blessings….

Hello to my RB family.....

I just wanted to take a minute to say…..

I have not been on RB as I used to be. I apologize, but I have been very busy with our children and their school things. We just finished both of their fundraisers, and yes they were with in weeks from each other. CRAZY!!! But we made it. LOL :)

I hope to be on here more and more these days. We shall see. My computer is down, which is why I have not been adding new pics to my profile. I intend to get some up this week I hope. :)

You all have a fabulous day!

& Blessings…..


I just wanted to take a few minutes to say a very big…..

for the groups who have featured some of my work for the months of June & July 2009.

You guys are awesome!! I am so very honored….words can’t express. :)

Also thanks to those who have left comments or favs… guys are the best!

I truly appreciate all the feedback I’ve received for the time I’ve been a member of RB. I am going to be working on a few projects….hope they take off. Thanks again!!!

Blessings, Hugs, and Cheers…..


I am off to zzzz-land because I am so tired of working on RB tonight!

All it seems to do is time out over and over and over. Either on uploads, working on moderation of groups, or even now on commenting. URGH….

Goodness…hope it gets fixed soon.

Nite all….have a blessed weekend!!

And for those who celebrate the 4th of July…..and those who don’t have an awesome day too!!

A cool group to join/visit.....

Hello to all my RB family…..…

I just want to send out a quick journal to ask that you please join the following group that I started up some months ago along with Squealia and Pam. Recipes

We truly need some more work coming into the group!! We’ve had some awesome images so far, and just need to get the group “out there” to all the RB world!!

Please pass this journal on to your friends on RB!!

This group is for you to submit and share your recipes with other members of Redbubble. We will accept all recipes as long as it has a photo to accommodate it. The photo, drawing, or painting can be of the finished product, the recipe in the making or cooking, or also the ingredients. As long as the recipe accommodates the images!

It will also be easy to do when we all are cooking lunch, super, or br

OH WOW....Navybrat....THANKS!!!

WOW! I am speechless to say the least Navybrat had done it again!

He took this not so great pic of me, and transformed Venus! Please be sure to leave him a comment there as well…if you like it. :)

He is an AWESOME artist!! I hope you all will take time to check out his many great pieces. He’s has some amazing God given talent.

Thanks for browsing his work!!

Blessings all & HUGS navybrat!!!

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