A cool group to join/visit.....

Hello to all my RB family…..

I just want to send out a quick journal to ask that you please join the following group that I started up some months ago along with Squealia and Pam. Recipes

We truly need some more work coming into the group!! We’ve had some awesome images so far, and just need to get the group “out there” to all the RB world!!

Please pass this journal on to your friends on RB!!

This group is for you to submit and share your recipes with other members of Redbubble. We will accept all recipes as long as it has a photo to accommodate it. The photo, drawing, or painting can be of the finished product, the recipe in the making or cooking, or also the ingredients. As long as the recipe accommodates the images!

It will also be easy to do when we all are cooking lunch, super, or breakfast to just snap a shot of the ingredients and then put on the description what you cooked and how you did it. :) That would be cool too….just to get some variety in the group.

Another cool thing would be if you have a garden…you can snap a shot of one of the plants growing the veggie, etc that you would use in a certain recipe and post it. That would be another way to get some more images in the group.

Please help us keep this group a float…there has been no sign of us loosing the group….however; the group has been short on images lately. This is the purpose for my journal to spread awareness of RB world of the group.

Thanks so much for helping me get the word out! You guys are awesome!!

Much love, hugs and blessings…..

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