No air
Wanting of complete control
Anger at not having it
Anger at the world
Fears the uncontrollable
Wants it to be the monsters way and nothing more
Spits out hate
Spits misery in your face
Only thing that can make it happy is if you are not your own
You must be a copy of it
You must do as it does
Do not have any friends
Do not want a life outside of the cave
Do not want a breathe that is not controlled
Do not want any space of your own
For if you do you will have hell to pay
Do not question
Make no comments
Do not have a thought of your own
do not progress any further than it
Do not aim for higher
Dreams are not allowed
Fantasy of innocent nature is not allowed
You are the problem
You do not try
You don’t speak
You do not have any answers
It is your fault
Reflexes have better be good for you will have to duck
Do not move because it could result in harm
Do not go out on your own
Have no fun without it
Never even mention a venture of your own
It will only start a war
You must be what it wants
Or nothing in its opinion is right
Everything is against it it says
Everyone is against it
If it doesn’t go its way its not his fault
Life in its word “sucks”
When you can see it is upset
Seeing it stewing
Make mind not to upset it
Because once again there will be hell to pay
So be on your best behavior
Don’t say a negative word
Be physically affection all the time
And the monster will think all is well.
But not all is well.
There is a monster under my bed
There is a monster in my closet
There is a monster in my head
There is a monster
There is a monster

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