Go for the Goal

Every year we decide to set new goal, and all of them are great! But have you ever tried God’s goals in the ten easy step program? Today is your day, for these steps are easy and you can find them in your bible and if you dont have a bible excuse me. Here i will show you in scripture how easy God’s steps for you to acheive this simple goal for your life.

1. Determine your position: meaning search out your life.
Dont look at other people’s life, look at your self. Look in the mirror and do you see Jesus in you? Do you have a vision? look at Habakuk 2:2-4. and Luke 14:28,29 and listen to what God is saying and showing you for yourself.

2. Define your purpose. meaning learn how to aquaint yourself in the Lord. learn to listen to God through his word and prayer. Does not God say draw nigh to HIm and he will draw nigh to you? Then delight yourself in the Lord. Read Job 22:21-30 and Haggai 5:1-7

3. Discover your promise meaning where are you in your life and do you have the word in you? Consider your ways Habakuk 1::5-7 and Eph.4:10-17 in this simply states that it is important to avoid the very pleasures or activities that results in sin, but that we must go even further.. WE are to show others of their ways and not be silent for God needs people who take a stand for what is right. We must keep our standards high and do good when ever we can. So consider your ways.

4. Change your way of thinking, meaning stop with the stinking thinking. what are you getting out of your way of thinking? Is it profitable? In all things you do you must count up the cost. Romans 12:2 Stop thinking like the world thinks, its behaviors and customs. WE are to renew our ways in all things, it is not to say be a stick in the mud, no i am not saying that, but think all what God has brought you out of and why would you want to think, talk or act that way again? look at Romans 8:7 See plain and simple when you were in the world you didnt want to hear about God, didnt want nothing to do with him, didnt even want to hear his name. So now change your ways.

5. Now its time to confront your fears, meaning dont let the past shackle you that you can not go forward to your present or to your future. Do not let that dysfunction hold you back. Fear is only false evidence already revealed. Look at Isaiah 41:10 – 14 we now need not fear for (1) God is with us, (2) we have an established relationship with him, and (3) we have His assurance of his strength. We have help in time of need and victory over sin and death. So confront those fears and get over them stop letting them shackle you from getting all God has for you. Read Job 3:25

6. Change your company, meaning who you hang with is who you can or will become like. Gen. 12:1-3 God told Abram to leave his country and all behind but did he o no and look at all the trouble he went through. Look over at Proverbs 6:3 so in other words we are to act ressonsibly and not over extends one’s weldome that it may do your family to suffer.

7. Speak the Word of God, meaning what ever you want over your life, your family, your children and over your job. Look at Psalm 119:105, this tells us that that we can walk safely anywhere we go at night and that we wont trip or fall into holes. But if we read the bible it can and will be a light to show us the way ahead and how to go and that we wont stumble. If you study the bible and really read it you will be able to see your way clear to stay on the right path.

8. Find yourself a mentor, meaning find a person that you value their opinion. One that you value their lifestyle. And one that will share the same interests. People who will lift you up and not tear you down. Get to know these people and ask questions that you are getting the right mentor. Read Proverbs 27:17 Simple as can be: Surround yoursel f with people who focus on the idea without involving thier own egos. Ones who know how to attack the thought and not the thinker of the though. For as two friends bring their ideas together can help each other become sharper.

9. Count the price, meaning do you know where you are going and are you willing to go through with it? The price for the goal will cost you and a price is not worth doing, if you are not accomplishing what you want to do. Look at Mark 8:36 In other words Jesus was saying that what good is aall the pleasure centered on possessions, power and positions which are worth less. For all that we have on earth is just temporary and it cannot be exchanged for your soul. O you might find it pleasurable for a while but in the end it is nothing, unless you follow Christ and know what it means to live abundantly now and to have eternal life later.

10. Discipline your personality, meaning you need to check yourself. HOw are your thoughts, do you base your descisions around God? How about your relationships? Do you put your own personal agenda aside and listen to God first? Genesis 24:21, 33, 56 All in all these scriptures shows us how to: wait and watch closely; how to explain a situation to concerned parties; and how to refuse unnecessary delays. Another word to look at for discipline is Disciple which means to be one of Christ’s follwers.

So here is the goal for you to follow and the ten easy steps according to the Word of God.

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