Nobody but a Warrior

Who am i you might ask?
I am a warrior with a task.
I have coem from the same pits,
Now i give the devil holy fits.

I was worse than Judas could ever be,
Worse than Peter, before the count of three.
Mary Magadeline had no sin compared to mine,
Drugs and alcohol were so divine.

Killing my family was just a tip,
And suicide was just a trip.
My mouth was full of hate,
The devil had really sealed my fate.

I had been many times on these ol’ streets,
Laughing and saying,“Who can i cheat”.
I had lost everything why should i care?
Everything was gone, now i was bare.

Then soneone whispered, “I am here”,
I looked around trembled with fear.
NO one was there, just me and emptiness,
Now i am here to tell you “I am a witness.”

By HIs blood my life is sealed,
By His Stripes, I am healed.
No longer will the devil pick on me,
For i have Jesus and y souol is free.

So are you lonely, down and out?
Stand up, dance and shout.
You don’t need no bottle to drink,
Hey, just pour it out into the sink.

Are you depressed and want to cry?
Come on now, give Jesus a try.
O you want some dope you say,
Hey let Jesus be your fix in every way.

HE is the light to show yu the way,
He is your love each and every day.
He is your brother for you to hold,
This for sure can be told.
For He is your powerful might,
And the devil, can’t win this fight.
Linda K. Harris
aka W14snJC or the Radical WArrior to some

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