Spring in Colorado Springs with Snow

This is an oil painting I did the day of my wedding. It was a class I was taking and the instructor knew I was getting married that afternoon. So he had the class paint as fast as they could, he said it will come out better then spending a lot of time on it. Well, he was right! All the paintings in the class turned out so beautiful and it took us 2 hours and I was off at noon to get ready for my wedding. This was the happiest day of my life! We were married in the little church in the Garden of the Gods. The most beautiful place on the earth. When I brought my painting home my husband was amazed and loved the picture. To this day we cherish this picture the most. It was in July and the flowers were blooming and there in the back drop was Pikes Peak covered with snow. A day of beauty, with love in our hearts, no wonder this painting turned out so good. This original picture is not available for sale.

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  • Melinda Kerr