Paul Tait

Adelaide, Australia

Neither life nor art travels in clear straight lines. While he has spent his adult life developing a career in pharmacy, his interest in...

Autonomy. A Photographic Exhibition

Media Release

Autonomy is described as the capacity of an informed person to make a rational, un-coerced decision; a measure of independence.

This photographic exhibition explores the experience of independence and all of the opportunities that this embraces. Physical, emotional and financial autonomy allows us to express ourselves in any way we see fit.

Paul’s passion for photography, combined with his love of travel and the human form, has produced a remarkable portfolio of images inspired by colour and movement. In a small way, capturing images satisfies his curiosity about people and their culture.

This project aims to describe the freedoms afforded to humanity through autonomy. Do we sometimes take our independence for granted?

Autonomy is part of the South Australian Living Artist Festival.

Fox Creek Wines
Malpas Road, McLaren Vale, SA 5171

Official Launch is 14th July 2012, 5.30pm

See facebook page.

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