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VOX ORPHEUS is a group of artists, photographers and designers. Members sometimes collaborate on joint projects, (like a band).

This Redbubble site is a place for Vox Orpheus members to offer affordable, non-limited edition, versions of their work.

For inquiries regarding signed limited-edition prints, original works and commissions, call 213. 446. 6951.


Rita-T: Abstract Painting :: Color | Structure | Intuition

The abstract paintings of Rita-T come out of the inner depths of her life – the pain of loss, beautiful memories, joy and sadness.

“I paint what I am feeling at the moment,” Rita explains. “My use of color is instinctive and intuitive.” Rita-T’s work evokes powerful feelings and elicits a contemplative awareness of the raw experience of life. “I love the challenge of abstract painting. You are not looking at something and painting what you see. Abstract art comes from within. It’s very direct, yet very difficult to do.”

Her works ranges from small paintings (as small as 8″ × 10″) on canvas or rag paper to large paintings on canvas (up to 48″ × 96″).

Lascaux Ensemble: Photography :: Spaces | Places | Traces

Lascaux Ensemble is a travel photography collective founded by two mixed-media artists who love to travel.

Lascaux Ensemble explores the subtleties of regional identity, and how the physical environment—both expansive and intimate—contributes to a sense of place.

According to Julie Tumblety, a Lascaux Ensemble founder: “When traveling by air or across the open landscape, one really notices the continuity of things, that fact that borders don’t really exist. Yet on a human level, traveling really emphasizes the divisions and differences that humans tend to play up—differences in languages, dialects, customs, clothing, beliefs and so on. The dichotomy of having these boundaries superimposed upon the smooth continuum of space is both strange and compelling.”


  • Joined: April 2011
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