At 8 o’clock this morning I dispatched the last of the Christmas trucks carrying
thousands of packages to smaller stations within the city. As they pulled away
from the dock I looked around and decided this was a good time to escape.
All the activity centered on the North Dock where a large group of employees were
sorting hundreds, maybe thousands, of pieces of Express mail. That would be
an all day chore sending volunteer employees 50 miles in all directions to make
that guaranteed delivery. I’ve done enough, so shedding guilt and grabbing
my coat I hurried out the door ignoring the blaring intercom and ringing phone.

Once home I changed shoes and skipped to my appointment to have my feet
massaged. After a 10-minute soak in warm water the pedicure person rubbed honey and some sandy mixture up and down my calves and between my toes.
I fell asleep in the vibrating chair, so I missed a lot of the process. I do remember
at one point she took hot black rocks and rubbed them up and down each leg
from the bottom of my feet to my knees. I lost track of how many lotions she
applied and massaged into my skin. Then she draped hot steamy towels
over each leg. Lastly she dipped each foot in a heavenly smelling tub of hot
wax, placed each foot in large baggies and gently laid them to rest on
the little shelf above the soaking bowl.

I think this must have been nirvana!

Now I am off to Patricia’s for dinner and sharing memories. She is a superb
cookand hostess, and I wish you all could see how beautifully decorated her
house is. She has many talents.

All’s well that ends well, and to all a good night!

Happy Holidays, whatever they may be, and may
you all have a very prosperous New Year.

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