The Widowmaker (unleashed07)

Katalina Covaraine stormed on to the rooftop. She glanced back over her shoulder. The one who chased her closed in fast. His face had been a blur but she had noted he wore the camouflage greens of a military operative. She hurriedly fixed an explosive device to the door before racing to the rooftop’s edge.

Adjusting the mouthpiece on her headset she spoke with a thick Russian accent. “Need pick up right away. Have commando on my tail.”

“Roger that Widowmaker. Approaching from the east. ETA two minutes,” a voice spoke back.

“You have one minute or it’s plan B.” Katalina peered over the edge at the street ten storeys below.

“What? The great Widowmaker can’t be creative and make a conversion to stall time?”

“How about I get creative with kicking your ass! Widowmaker out.”

Moments later the bang of the door broke the silence and the commondo rushed out onto the rooftop. He stopped upon seeing her darkened form balanced on the rooftop ledge. She casually tossed a grenade up and down in her left hand. Now that she had his full attention the pin dropped to the ground.
“You want to play soldier boy?” The grenade slipped from her grasp. Her foot rose and kicked the device towards her unsuspecting prey.

Katalina run for cover as the device exploded midair. But the commando was quick on his feet. He ducked and ran. Fragments of wood and steel rained all round him. In all the commotion he still managed to open fire. Bullets danced around her feet. She baseball slid the last few meters to collide with an air-conditioning duct. Her shirt snagged and ripped. Out of sight but still able to hear bullets vibrate off the tin she retrieved her berretta and cursed, well aware that her one distinguishing feature now lay exposed. If the commando got close enough her identity would be blown. And it would only be a matter of time before the ones who hunted her would be on her tail again.

“Widowmaker, where are you? Need a sign.” A voice spoke again through her headset.

Katalina slipped the safety off on her berretta. The onslaught from the commando had stopped. She crawled on her stomach just enough to get a clear shot at the door. A smile flashed across her lips, his position couldn’t be better, he crouched just a meter from the door reloading his firearm. She aimed and fired. The bullet hit the explosive device on the door. She ducked quickly as the explosion rocked the rooftop. Door fragments flew in all directions. Chips and splinters of wood spewed outwards like daggers.

“I’m ten meters south of that explosion. Get me out of here now!”

The unmistable sound of a gun cocked close to her ear. “Get up! Try anything and I’ll blow you away, no questions asked.”

Her heart rate quickened, the voice recognized instantly, he wasn’t supposed to be here. She had made a point of double checking on his whereabouts before putting this mission into motion. Her back still towards the commando she got to her feet.

“I’ll have this.” He snatched the berretta before giving her a hard shove. “Turn round slowly.”

She turned to now face him. “Wills.” She almost spat the name out and couldn’t help but notice the distinct look of shock consume his face.

“You’re supposed to be dead. SAS sharp shooter claims without a douubt he took you down.” William glanced to her navel. All the proof needed stared back at him, a black widow spider tattoo.

“Guess he lied.” She winked, a half smart smirk lingered on her lips. “Shall we tango? I remember last time we were in this position I kicked your ass. Would you like to try again perhaps?”

William glanced to her headset. He unloaded her berretta. The clip fell to the ground. He tossed the gun. “I gather your getaway is here somewhere. Tell whoever it is to come out and play too, so I can kick both your asses.”

“You still feeling hard done by?” Out the corner of her eye Katalina watched the berretta slide across the concrete.

William merely grinned. “You bet your cute little ass I am.”

She blew him a kiss. He never saw her leg strike his body till it was too late. Her heel connected with his berretta and sent it flying out of his hand. If that wasn’t enough of an insult Katalina shoved the heel of her combat boot into his stomach. He propelled backwards even more. She followed not giving him time to recoup and struck him once more in the midsection. The ground brushed against his back as he fell. His head smacked against the concrete. Not missing a beat she slammed her heel into his ribs. In her right hand she now held a dagger. She twirled it in her fingertips.

Boots raced up the stairwell. Her head jerked up. She spoke into her headset once more. “Anaconda, have more company, where the hell are you?”

“I’m right here.” The hum of helicopter propellers filled the air. The Blackhawk simmered into view a few feet from the rooftop edge. “I have the stair well in my sites. Hit the ground now!”

Katalina fell. Her knees dug into William’s sides. She slid the dagger ever so slightly against his throat. Machine gun fire hit the concrete all around her, but her eyes never left the one under her. Whooshhhhhhhhh…the groan of a grenade launcher flew over her head.

“Widowmaker, rope is down ready for extraction. You have three seconds.” The pilot readied the aircraft for a quick getaway.

Katalina slid the blade of the dagger across William’s chin. “You’re my new message boy. Tell the General no hard feelings.”

“Widowmaker, now goddamnit!” The pilot’s voice yelled in her ear.

Katalina got to her feet and raced towards the helicopter. She snatched her berretta and the clip of ammo up off the ground on her way. Within seconds she had the berretta reloaded. With the rooftop ledge in sight her pace quickened. She run off the edge, her hand grabbed hold of the rope midair. She twirled her body so she now faced back the way she had just came. More soldiers appeared on the roof. The pilot opened fire.

“Get us out of here.” Katalina fired at the concrete around William keeping him pinned down.

The rope suddenly jerked into motion pulling Katalina up towards the belly of the helicopter moments before it banked left and disappeared into the night.

William rolled to his left. Bullets sprayed all round him. He looked over to see the others run for cover. Their guns were nothing compared to the machine gun fire from the Blackhawk. They could do nothing more than watch the helicopter disappear.

Two soldiers helped him to his feet. A little bruised but nothing serious, his pride wounded more than anything. “Tell me how in the goddamn hell the Widowmaker got past you guys?”

The two soldiers looked out at the night then at each other. No words needed to be said, they had no excuse, the woman had simply outsmarted them.

Gunny Sergeant Karl Masters cleared his throat. “Didn’t SAS operatives take Widowmaker out last year?”

“Obviously not. No doubt she came searching for Carlos. We better move him quick.” Before he’d even finished speaking William sensed it was too late.

The young Corporal spoke up. “Carlos is dead, Sir.”

William cussed under his breath. “Jesus H. Christ! You guys are supposed to be the best of the best. You had this place built like Fort Knox.”

“Who is the Widowmaker anyway?” The Corporal asked.

“The Widowmaker is Katalina Covaraine. She used to work for us. The best Russian intelligence officer there was. These days she’s an assassin for hire.” William explained. “Her father was the legendary Russian Special Forces Major, Alexender Covaraine. I helped him defect to the US a few years back. He trained our special forces.”

“Well we should look up this Covaraine legend. Maybe he can help catch his daughter?”

“Good thinking Sherlock.” William turned his intense gaze to the Corporal. “Except we can’t do that, Carlos killed him.” He run his hand through his hair in aggravation. “Now if you could show me to the nearest secured landline. I have to break the news to the good General Harrison.”

William paused at what was left of the stair well. He glanced one last time at the carnage. For the first time he felt the cool air brush against his face. Somewhere inside him he couldn’t help but smile, Katalina was alive, he had never wanted to believe she was dead. But now every elite special forces would be after her, a fate he wouldn’t wish upon his worst enemy, let alone his ex wife. He just hoped she was prepared for the almighty shit storm that was about to be unleashed upon her.

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