Are (we) Creative People Crazy, or just a little ecentric compared to others?

You know, I’ve often wondered just what goes on in an accountants mind? I can only speak for myself obviously for it is the only mind of which I really know inside and out, but I have tons of stuff running through my head.
Am I unusual?
Whether it is quantum physics with their Micro-verse,Thread theory, Time travel, Parallel universes, or whatever else is the hot topic at the moment, Paleontology, Biology, Art of course (and that ‘tree’ branches off into a myriad of thoughts all on its own), Fashion, Astronomy ( after growing up during my prepubescent years believing that Pluto was a Planet and now how they can finally manage to recategorize it, is just a kick to the groin of that little ten year old boy!), how to cook the ultimate shrimp scampi, the weather, gas, school, Women (and like Art this topic has its own zip code), what movies I have to catch at the theater before they stop showing (“Dark Knight” anyone?), Bills, or which way I should part my hair in the morning…that is if I decide to actually part my hair and last but not least, Women (did I mention that one already?).
When someone calls me ‘crazy’, all I can say in reply is that, “I do not suffer from insanity, I quite on the contrary enjoy every minute of it!”
A quote I picked up some where along this road we call Life, which serves me well.
…excuse me a minute, I have to go chase some butterflies.

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