In with the Old, In with the New

Hello all, I have been working hard lately, but I have not let that get in my way of taking as many photos as possible.

I joined with a new business from America and it’s quite amazing. This new job will give me what I need to reach my dreams. Time Freedom. I’m pretty happy and excited.

Anyway, I got a new lens the other day, and it’s a blast to use. I picked up the new Tamron 18-250mm. I suggest this lens to anyone that is looking for an all in one walk around lens. This thing is sharp, colourful and contrasty, from 18mm trough to 250mm. Its great!

I took some shots while walking around Kyoto down town today. Some are pretty nice. It was very overcast here today as it has been lately. We are entering the rainy season so the nice weather days are pretty rare.

Anyway, enjoy my shots, and if you like them leave a comment or better yet, buy a print. _ Thanks again. Bye.

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