"Love Me"

He grabbed her hand and tugged her into a room that stemmed from the hallway. The room opened up into a lounge area, with incredible red
leather sofas and an open fireplace.
“Wow,” She grinned. But her comment went unnoticed as he pulled her drunkenly to one of the lounges where he stood, looking at her.
“You have been weird all night…” he said. “Whats the matter?”
“Oh…” she tried to fix her fringe. “Nothing…” she smiled.
“Just him right?” He sat his drink on the coffee table and pulled her against him. “Why can’t you love me like that?” His chest was hard and his lips
were pressed against her forehead. “I could love you the way he couldn’t you know…” Her hands were around his neck and he held her to him.
Suddenly they were dancing. A slow shuffle dance, that held them in the same place as they moved. She felt his lips find hers and in the dim light
he kissed her as they danced. She felt herself melting into him where ever their bodies touched. Why had she not seen this before? Seen the
energy, the chemistry, the love that existed between them. Two best friends that had always been there for each other. Her hands were twined
in the brown hair above his neck and his hands slipped her shirt away from her skirt and stroked the creamy skin beneath. He fell with her onto the
lounge and straddled her legs while he kissed her, making her mind and heart race.
“I love you Brooke…” he breathed into her neck; but she couldn’t say it back. Not after how loosely the term had been used in previous circumstances.
But nothing like this had ever felt so right. She popped open the buttons of his shirt and trailed her fingers over his heated abs; excited by the toned hardness
of his body. He pushed her down into the lounge and trailed heated kisses along her throat and into her hair. No one had ever kissed her in that way
before. He licked her chin and trailed a tongue across her jaw.
“Love me Jase…” she breathed gently.
“Huh?” his lips nudged at the sensitive area underneath her ear.
“Love me,” she breathed again, stroking the back of his neck lightly.
His hands slid down her sides to her behind where he ran light circles across her waist and hips.
“You want me to have sex with you?” he stopped kissing her throat abruptly; surprised.
She stared into his face, into those blue eyes she could fall into if she paused for long enough.
“I’m not sure what I want… but right now thats the thing I’m most sure of…”
His face spread into a grin and he dragged his fingers up the outside of her thighs, hitching her skirt up slightly as his hands wandered up and down
her toned legs; with blatant disregard for where her legs ended and her panties began.
“I’ve been missing out…” his mouth was burried in her collar as she spoke. Her legs were wrapped around his, as he pushed his body in between her
thighs feeling her strain hard against his waist. His bare chest was pressed against her shirt and she found herself wishing they were both more naked.
He sucked her throat and ran his tongue gently across her collarbones down her chest and into the fleshy area of her breasts where he kissed her
open-mouthed, making her squirm as her mind wandered. His hands slid up beneath her shirt and he pulled it slowly over her head, pausing to stare
at her almost bare chest.
“God you’re beautful,” the look on his face was pure longing and she blushed.
She cupped his face in her hands and kissed him some more, as his hands slid her thin bra straps from her delicate shoulders. He then dipped his face
into her creamy chest and kissed her there while she considered the best way to remove his pants. Her fingers slid down the length of his chest and
found the soft skin beneath his waistband. Slowly she popped open his button and tugged down his zipper, slipping her hands inside the denim to the
siky fabric beneath. She stroked him gently, causing his kisses to become more forceful and his hands to slip across the thin fabric beneath her skirt.
“Jase…” she whispered breathlessly against his mouth. “I want you”.
He smiled at her, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear that…”
They switched positions, and she pulled off his jeans, straddling his hips. Slowly she dipped her lips to his throat and sucked his skin gently, running her
fingers lightly along his bare hips. She was sliding against his silk boxers as they kissed, causing friction that burned them both. He reached two hands
around and slipped her bra clasp open, revealing her breasts to his eyes. He surveyed them momentarily, before sliding his hands up her sides and
around over her naked chest. He traced her nipples with his fingertips, watching entranced as she bit her lip; staring down at him. His hands held her
waist once again and she could feel her own hips crushing his; feel his hard body grinding itself against her. He slid down her skirt zipper and watched
it fall in a crumped pile on the floor before rolling ontop of her once more, crushing her with his body. He pressed himself between her thighs,
listening as she groaned and dug her fingers gently into his shoulder blades. He stood and pulled her from the lounge up against his body where he
danced with her slowly, half naked across the room. Pressing her soft breasts into his chest.
“Why do you have to be so sexy?” she moaned against his heated throat, causing him to shiver.
“You sure you wanna do this?” he asked her gently, worried she would say no.
She didn’t respond; instead she slipped her hands down to his waist and tugged down his boxers, watching them land in a crumpled pile at his feet.
He grabbed her behind and pushed her waist against his bare bulge, causing her to stand on tip-toes.
“One problem,” he groaned quietly to her.
“Mmm, whats that?” she asked, pushing him back towards the lounge.
“You’re still wearing panties…” he smiled cheekily slipping them down as they walked, entranced by her naked body.
He sat sprawled on the lounge and she placed herself on his lap; her head spinning at their bare skin fused together. He slowly pushed himself into her
and she winced at first; but the wincing soon became moaning as he thrusted gently into her. His hands wandered slowly over her body; her smooth breasts,
her flat stomach, her toned thighs, her pert behind. Gently he held her hips; his head spinning and his heart racing. She moaned at each sharp burst of feeling
between them, loving the way he groaned against her open mouth; loving him.
They rocked together, on the red-leather lounge, excited by the prospect of someone walking in. He moaned against her chest, kissing her breasts softly while
she squirmed beneath his lips. He pushed her backwards into the lounge and forced himself back inside her sucking her bottom lip gently. Her fingertips ran up
and down his heated sides and she listened as his moans became louder with every burst between them. Her hands cupped his butt and she held his hips hard
against hers, biting his soft shoulder gently to muffle her groaning. He licked her shoulders like he wanted to eat her, touched her skin like he wanted to become
a part of her. It had never been like this before. He dug his fingers into her arms painfully, but she didn’t notice. She rocked with him until his body tensed, and he
drew in a short sharp breath, before groaning loudly and collapsing against her chest. She kissed his forehead softly, brushing his brown hair from his face. They
were silent for a moment, considering what had happened.
“Am I dreaming?” he whispered, sending shivers across her breasts.
“I don’t think so…” she smiled. “Am I?”
“I’m pretty sure you’re not…” he ran his fingertips across her side.

"Love Me"


Tumut, Australia

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Artist's Description

Another erotic scene =P

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