Thank you! I'm inspired to continue!

Dear RedBubble – Artist, Imagers, Creators and Photographers,

I took up Photoshop about two months ago and this is my first attempt at artistic expression that went all the way from start to finish. I came close to trashing this piece because I suffer from perfection at times, even though it does not exist.

I started on this project at the beginning of September for the “Infinite Future Chaos” challenge. I have spent many nights not really knowing what this would become, let alone what the public would think. Now I am thankful to share this image with the world.

To my “WatchListers” there will be more images to come, as I will target my photography and Photoshop skills. Remember this is my first shot at Photoshop.

My next task will be to mix my creative expression with the superb Photoshop software. I tend to be a slow creator so be patient and look out for me !-) I will spread my “Visions” one way or another!

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