52 Hours A Day

I wish I had 52 hours a day so that I might accomplish at least half of what I plan. Anyone else out there with this problem? I burn the candle at both ends, and I am tired!

I was on vacation this week with the intention of cleaning and organizing things at home. I have boxes of things from the last move I have not used, and need to get rid of. I would love to just call a big truck with some men to just load it up and take it to good will or the dump, without having to go through it all. Needless to say, I did not accomplish what I set out to do.

I will always want more time to take photos, to edit them, and to visit my RedBubble friends’ galleries. I really tried this week, but I am going back to work tomorrow feeling just a little unfulfilled. I’m just never happy! Oh, melancholy me…I really try…honest…

My RedBubble friends mean the world to me! You are awesome! I don’t often take time to let you know what you mean to me. Thank you so much for the way you take time to comment and favorite my work when it strikes you. So many of you out there have been such an encouragement when I really needed it and my confidence is low. You are like my family in many ways, often a replacement for, since my extended family members reside at least 4 hours away from me. I think RedBubble artist are the best!

I love photography and RedBubble so much. O.K. I am ADDICTED!!! As many of you out there in the same boat know, it can be so hard to look at your own work and see if it is any good. I look at others work and I know straight away if I like it or if I don’t and why. I spent some time yesterday adding buttons to My Profile I added one button called My Best ,
I had the most difficult time choosing what belonged here. I sure depend on you guys to help me grow in my knowledge and for encouragement and moral support. I appreciate you guys so much. Thank you!

I love my groups! Thanks so much to all of you members that take time to comment.

Thanks again,

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