Music promotion/demotion

It is a double edged sword. On one hand you want as many people as possible to experience this group that has had such a profound effect on you and accompanied you through very intimate and personal journeys. Yet dividing the joy into more pieces to feed uninitiated hunger also lessens the slice for yourself. And who will remember it was you that threw word to mouth about them in the first instance? Then there is of course bands you feel that are so overrated, overexposed, overplayed and hold a greater significance amongst the music industry than is granted. So perhaps you use the same amount of energy to bring down or deflate the popularity of these acts to the level you think they warrant. It doesn’t matter that you are hardly a heavy hitter in the realm of the music genre. Or that you even warrant the ears of people yourself. But whether consciously or not we all, in some degree, promote and market as well as degrade and downplay facets of music, whatever genre as the genre is merely semantics. These semantics apply to all, it is homogenous. In my no one opinion, just consider this when you next mention that ‘someone needs to hear this song…’ or that you ‘can’t believe you like those guys, I would never…’ Vim Out

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