I misinterpreted when she said we should go out

I’m not taking too well to this person I’ve become
The certain preface and distaste in a dish of mixed emotion
Something small, transparent and insignificant fell from your mouth
I thought it was saliva turned out to be your love
Turned out I was right to take you with me that night

Tragically unfortunate I fail to blink an eye at my actions
Those sick and depraved images and the proper reactions
None of which include personal satisfaction

I’m not making a good go of this personality I’ve spun
It’s the rat race and case that my race has been run
Nothing small, just life, insignificant and a façade
I thought I was a survivor turned out to be so hard
Turned out I was right it was just that I lacked the fight

Totally apparent that demonic switch has been set
These destructive visions plague every chance I get
This does not amount to any type of gratification

We welcome this old friend back into our structure
As unstructured and fractured as it may seem
The liquid layer greases dried up parts and restarts my heart
All looks well part way through the trip
Packed with impressive social traits, anecdotes to make you laugh
and no inhibitions for a comforting touch, then as such
lubrication for correlation works we overload the system
our sincere laugh turns a corner, the affectionate touch
runs rigid with a distinctly equipped grip and the
hurt is lost on your drowned brain, distain reigns
you see the other side of the humanity crest at best
it’s horrific a harrowing set up of girls and guys
and the sorrow behind their eyes. We should get out
we should get out, we should do whatever it takes to get us out…

You said lets go out, I thought hanging heels and noose well tied
I bled for the Right and Amendment and meant when I said that
Daddy’s not coming home tonight pretty, my gorgeous coy
Independent love
He’s on some other shit that’s hit and no one else knows better
It’s all contained in a letter of cryptic ramblings intangible meandering
Don’t ask why he could not have been content. Content is a trait of the religious man
the other evil that leaves us blind and the kind of infliction that breeds like the non contraception catholic corporation.
Hell lets just go out. We’ll drink. We’ll laugh. We pretend we’re not drunk.
We’ll put our flirting down to drink if it sinks but if it floats we can claim a feat of our own doing and gloat till it hurts. And won’t that be safe, predictable and quaint?

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