Thanks to the days of substance abuse I'm kinda severed from my surrounds

What a fuckin danger it is to be granted so many days free from responsibility. I suppose some might say it was only a matter of time but I really thought Id matured and learnt from previous pathetic type cravings. I cant even begin to account for the money Ive spent and booze Ive consumed but my typing is ace so there. Ive never been that stoned before as i was on Friday night. Surely my medications is part of it. I dont want to plague peoples visions of drugs and alcohol because 95% of the time have been killer times, it just that these moments as now can be real killer segments in life. No surprise my friends dithced me last night and left me to fend for myself. I leave me too if such a thing is possible maybe thats why I try to escape thru extra cirricular activity, namely meaningless sex, drugs and rock and roll. nah i wish I had a massive burden to explain my fucked up head and why i do what i do but theres a greater proportion of humans worse off everyday who dont have time to get the sickness. they are too busy living or trying to. Now is about the moment I will have the bible bashers condemning me and my actions with a white light as my hope of redemption and salvation. Sorry but I am a man of science and prefer to explore ways rathe than bury my head in the sand and be happy with the way of the world. if it was up to christians wed still think the world was flat. Now someone will tell me that columbus or whoever was a devotee to god well fuck you it is merely a point to point out the pointlessness so go suck off john howard or something. I hope that people might get a chuckle out of this, im sure I will have a laugh when days pass by bye

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