Strip club

I loved the row over Players strip club being on the same tainted grounds as St. David’s Church and how the church wanted to withdraw the clubs lease. I think, tell me if I’m wrong, that it just doesn’t make good business sense?. I’ve never heard of a McDonalds leasing out a section of building to KFC. Because ultimately these two factions are in the same business. I think that St. David’s church is just pissed that it’s now not the only established business with sexual acts going on behind closed doors. “Damn it guys we had a niche and we’ve gone and givin it away, like a pretty young things innocence.”

I personally enjoy strip clubs, as it is the only type of club I can go to and have the girls come up and talk to me. Yeah sure Vim but they all want something ie inverted look at me brackets ‘money’ but I think if she’s a girl worth having then you probably won’t be getting any further than controlled touching. I like the concept of male strippers. It’s obscure. I reckon by having two strip clubs (or official strip clubs) then they should bring male strippers in maybe to make some extra cash on hen’s nights (cuz girls need that heightened occasion to openly admit visiting a male strip show) and I think it’s funny watching males try to do their act with sensuality but also add some masculinity without coming across as domineering or just wanting to plough the front row of thirty something queens. I can sought of see why the audience reaction is ‘oh my god what am I doing here, act like I’m not enjoying it’. Men just aren’t sexy.

I am comfortable in my own sexuality to visit a male strip show, I mean I’ve been backstage of Kerri Anne Kennerly’s show…

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