All the big issues: US foreign policy, Global warming, Gary Busey or Nick Nolte?

Not everything I say I believe. But it’s always something I feel needs to be said, regardless of whether I take it as gospel or not. I applaud those people who kept bringing up climate change in the late 90’s before it really became generally accepted. Any half clued in jessie can now bring it up and receive a laconic applause from a group of meandering people, but it’s cuz of the pioneers that this person is been applauded and not ridiculed and denounced as a nutjob. They are the reason it is at least in the spotlight and competing with attention along side Australian Idol and Brad and Angelina’s daily life.

I don’t quite have the nous to explore and inform people about melting ice caps and the ability of species to adapt but I will do my rational best to display why Gary Busey is a heaps cooler actor than Nick Nolte.

US bombing of Libya in 1986. Described as “self defense against future attack.” They think the rest of us are complete fuckin morons. Next they’ll be trying to convince us that it was part of some new system which predicts crimes yet to occur, we call it the Minority Report. US must’ve thought their global approval was so bad that it was only a matter of time states begun to attack them. “Well first in best dressed.” You wana be the hero, the savior for all mankind then let mankind decide on issues. I do like that interpretation of self defense. I think Charles Bronson used it during the Death Wish movies. Kill them before they contemplate killing you.

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  • H Maria Perry