last nights dreams

had this dream where we were in a cinema watching an old style movie then the black words DEATH METAL flashed up on the white screen with the members of slipknot in roman guard outfits beating with drumsticks on the carved out corpse of an ox or bull with a line of midgets underneath marching as slipknot hit the carved out hide. Corey’s face was infected as he sang one of their very undeath metal songs. Then I was in a roadside hotel and a ghost of some green faced vampire guy floated out the window looking in as we ate and no one around me cared, but I was terrified and thought I was going to die. I went out to the car and pulled out a bottle of scotch and a bottle of southern comfort and some passer by told me to drink the southern comfort so I put the scotch back. (even though I hate southern comfort) I went back inside the hotel and lots of candles were lit and goblets of liquids were passed around. thats when i woke up, before going back to sleep. The next dream featured a pessistant black kitten which wouldnt stop clawing at my face as I lay on a couch with Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy sitting next to me doing a crossword. I got up and the cat was still scratching up my arms and legs. I ended up running to the bathroom where it followed me and I turned the tap on it. It was soaked and I kinda felt bad until the little bastard began clawing at me again. (some people might know I had a bad experience when I was young with a black cat) I ended up on a street corner still with this annoying cat causing a scene while my mates stood there looking away as if it was my fault some little cat was pissing me off…anyway I guess the moral is dreams are weird and i love em

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