666 sounds like lamelamelame

This apparent satanic ritual that occured in Russia…well if you lived in Russia you’d probably be glad someone roasted you on a bonfire…but thats beside the point. A few things about it baffled me. The sacrificial girl was stabbed 666 times? What exactly 666? I am surprised people this mad could count to 666 let alone do it while blood shoots into their face, but I know many serial killers are known to have a high IQ so okay. Did you read the nicknames of these kids? Fang, The Count, Doctor, Dark and Goth just to name a lame few. What hugely unoriginal bunch of timewasters. I watched that scene in Hostel 2 and the last thing I wanted to do was stab and pour blood over anyone, except maybe Eli Roth for taking my $11.50 but I did laugh at that point so maybe he could just give me a fiver and we’ll call it square. Maybe The Count was lost trying to get back to Romania and found the rest of the misfit loser’s on the way, kinda like Wizard of Oz. Satanic Road Trip, sounds side splitting, toss another shrimp on the barbie and that 18 year old girl defiled and bleeding from 666 orifaces too…

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