Chantal's work did it again

I always click right away to see when myoriginalsin adds a new work. Her work really is so amazing. For the second time I took one look at one of her pieces and a poem formed in my mind. She is just a lovely person and I am so excited to show our work once again. After a few scratches out I think I finally did justice to her artwork titled I Always Feel You Near Me… I hope you like our second collaboration!

I Always Have You Near Me

I always have you near me
Even if you are far away

Your love is carried to me
On the whisper of Butterfly wings
Even when you are far away

A zephyr sings it through the trees
And brings me joy
Even as I wait for you to return from far away

Every exquisite blossom I see
Reminds me of the magnificent shades of our love
Even though you may be far away

You are in my mind
A part of my soul
and are my heart

See, I always feel you near me
Even if you are far away

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