I am so excited and so flattered that my collaboration with myorginalsin has won a competition in the Challenge Cafe. Her beautiful work inspired me to write the poem and besides making a beautiful present for my husband it has now done this as well. Of course my husband had to remark, “I am the inspiration for a poem that was inspired by a great work that is a contest winner!” :)

Here is her beautiful picture and the poem:
Searching For Just One Good Heart… by myoriginalsin

The Heart Tree
I once happened upon a heart tree
And had to pick the perfect
bloom for me

I knew as soon as I saw
that heart, oh yes it is he
It called out I am yours, if you will choose it to be

So, I danced my way to it
and reached up to pluck
it from the tree
No doubt, no worry
I knew that heart was meant for me

I was right because that heart
was yours, you see
And now I am blessed with your love and oh how I love thee

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