Updated designs! and a progress report - shirts in at least 13 countries and 13 states

I am very grateful for the recent sales on here, it reminded me that there is still people out there checking out this store and honoring it, and as such I decided not to close it. I was on the brink of doing so, due to a claimed copyright infringement battle I got into with redbubble about one of my designs and the lack of organic options. but you, my kind patrons, changed my mind. So thank you! We now have shirts in at least 13 countries and 13 states! Our shirts are now in 13 states in America and 12 other countries worldwide, Australia, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, France, Malta, The UK, Germany, Canada, Bulgaria, Israel, Belgium and in Oregon, California, Missouri, Ohio, Colorado, Illinois, Washington, Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, South Dakota, New Mexico, and Arizona in the United States…

Thank you!

I dont know if its bad etiquette to mention it, but check out my organic t-shirt store on zazzle at http://www.zazzle.com/theavataravii23 or check out the organic store on spreadshirt at http://formbmusic.spreadshirt.com soon to be updated and hosting organic hoodies, or follow my music on http://soundcloud.com/vii23 or listen to my latest mixes on http://vii23.imeem.com or check out the internet radio station I am deeply involved in http://glitch.fm or follow me on twitter! http://twitter.com/vii23

Mad Love & Respekt from the deep desert!



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