To my UK benefactor who purchased 3 works...

I may never meet you – or know who you are – but I wish I could tell you how much your purchase means to me. It’s not just a design I made for some stuff I was trying to sell. It’s my art – the music I love that inspired me and moved me to create – I have no choice – I must create – and to be honored in that way, to be told by you, that my art is good enough for you, that it moved you – that you perhaps even felt or knew some of the beauty I felt and we shared in that experience. That is priceless to me. So to you – I send out this thanks – you have moved this artist’s heart to new levels today – of confidence, and happiness – and you have enabled me to begin work on a physical inventory as well – as I have now cleared the mark where redbubble pays out. All those monies go into my first prints of my designs that I will personally sell to locals here in the High Desert of NM. Thank you!


The Avatara VII23
Form B // Urban Anarchy

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