How Do You Know if a Desire or Dream is Really from God?-Holley Gerth

If you’re like me, you want to do everything as unto God, to use the work of your hands to honor Him. For me, this is my first approach. I also believe that if He gave me a talent for a love to do something, it must be something He intends for me to use to serve others in some way. I admit, it’s not always a sure thing or something that leads to instant success, but with God, there is no time limit. If we diligently seek and search Him out, He will show Himself and His will for us in this life. He is mainly concerned that we are seeking Him in the first place. Never give up hope! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

How Do You Know if a Desire or Dream is Really from God?
Holley Gerth

Do not be shaped by

On Fresh Mercy and Quiet Grace by Anna Rendell

I know so many of us intend to improve something in our lives and we look forward to a new start come Jan. 1. But 2 weeks into it, we lose steam and consider our attempts as a failure and just return to the same old routine for the rest of the year. But, with Christ, we can start all over every day. Every day we wake up, we have a clean slate to begin with and He doesn’t keep track of our failures and will never condemn us when we don’t measure up. All He wants from us is our devotion and a relationship with Him and He will do the rest. I hope this blesses you. Happy New Year! Viv

On Fresh Mercy and Quiet Grace
by Anna Rendell

In just a few days, we will begin a new year. We’ll make toasts, smooch a s

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Christmas All Year

I thought these were some very lovely suggestions in saying “Merry Christmas” for a whole year. Christmas is not just a day, it’s something we should extend every day of the year and here are some great suggestions how we can all do that. After all, Christmas isn’t about us anyway. Spread the love! Merry Christmas! Viv

December 19, 2014

Christmas All Year
by Charles R. Swindoll

Matthew 1-2

Have you ever thought about giving something away every day of the year leading up to Christmas? These daily gifts could be called our “Christmas projects,” one per day, every day till Christmas. Just think of the fun of being able to say “Merry Christmas” in July!

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Mend a quarrel.
  • Seek

Glory to God in the Highest…What’s that Really Mean?

During this most holy of holidays, may we not forget what it means to give God all the glory for the precious gift He gave us. It’s not about the shopping, the cooking, the decorating or even the nativity scene, it’s what He put in our hearts for others…love! Blessings! Viv

Glory to God in the Highest…What’s that Really Mean?
Holley Gerth

Glory to God in the highest the angels said to ordinary shepherds when Jesus came. And we say those words again every year when Christmas comes. In songs. On cards. In sermons. When we read the Christmas story to our children.

But what do those words really mean?

What brings God glory in the highest?

That baby in a manger grew up and one day someone asked him a si

Why You Don’t Have to Hold it Together for the Holidays

The holiday season isn’t always a happy one for many people for so many reasons. But you know what? It’s ok to feel broken. God knows our hearts and He is the only One who can put us back together, it’s His job! Blessings! Viv

Why You Don’t Have to Hold it Together for the Holidays
Holley Gerth

I sit in the soft silence of a church service and draw in a deep breath. “Get it together,” I tell myself, “It’s the holidays and you’re supposed to be happy.”

But the reality is…I’m hurting. I miss my Grandpa who slipped home to Jesus last summer. Other holidays seasons have held similar struggles. I remember fighting back tears on our journey of infertility. I’ve sighed from exhaustion after pushing through

God With Us

This time of year is so easy to get wrapped up in everything but the kitchen sink and we can lose the focus of what it’s really all about. May we just stop and for a minute and reflect on the virgin birth of Christ the Lord who was born to save all mankind from sin. He can handle the messes…I should know, He’s handled me! Blessings, Viv

God with us
by Jennifer Studio JRU

Whether we like it or not, the month of December can be busy. Really busy. Parties, shopping, Christmas programs, baking, extra cleaning, and decorating all add to our regular routines. And it can feel simply like chaos at times.

Each year I think I will plan just a bit better and things will go more smoothly. Yet, no matter how much we

Why You Don’t Have to Be on the “Nice” List this Christmas by Holley Gerth

If you have ever tried defending your goodness to someone and wasn’t succeeding it’s probably because on your own, you can’t be all good and all righteous and this kind of defense will not get you off the hook. The only defense we have is through Christ Who is our Righteous Judge and will defend us through His Word. One thing we all still are, are sinners but we have been forgiven. In our human condition, we still lack so much, but as we grow and walk in His Light, we can grow into His perfection and will understand that we don’t have to defend ourselves to anyone. When we can step aside and give it to Him, He will bring the victory and declare us ‘not guilty’. Now, that’s good news! I pray this blesses you! Viv

Jesus is for People who Hate Christmas

As I get older, I sometimes don’t feel so happy at Christmas. I think of lost loved ones, I think of people who are on the streets, families without anything, I think of all the hatred in this world and how no one is happy unless Jesus is removed from the whole idea of Christmas. I hear songs that say it’s the happiest time of the year and I wonder, is it really? But, then I have to lay aside my emotional feelings, that are only deceitful anyway and remember why Jesus came to earth in the first place. Christmas is not a warm, fuzzy feeling to mask our sinfulness but it’s God’s plan to redeem mankind from sin through His Son. It’s not about the baby in the manger, but it’s about the man on the cross who came to defeat the enemy of mankind and give us the victory over sin, death, hell and

Why did the wise men bring Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh?

For anyone who understands the true meaning of the Christmas season, it goes way beyond frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the rednose reindeer or even Santa on his sleigh. Christmas is not about that at all. It’s all about the birth of the living God who came in the form of a man in order to die for our sins. The gold speaks of Jesus’ divinity, He is the King of kings. The Frankincense speaks of the sweet smelling aroma of His perfect sacrifice unto God and the myrrh speaks of the ointment used in preparation for His burial so that He would conquer sin, hell, death and the grave in three days and live forever more. You see, Christmas is actually about God’s perfect plan for salvation upon the earth. What have you given Him this Christmas?
Blessings, Viv


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Old AMC Rambler

What I’ll Be Giving This Christmas

I’ll bet I’m not the only one who has gotten wrapped up in this holiday rush and not feeling very joyful all the time. Like this short story conveys, we are not the only ones who have feelings and we just have to stop and consider others and not make everything about ourselves. After all, Christmas is the one time of the year that we can spread love and joy, but not the only time. May we take a minute to think of others and push aside our ‘feelings’ and remember that our Lord came into this world for you and me and show Him how grateful we are that we are redeemed. This is after all, is the only thing that will matter when all the holidays are over. Nothing is worth holding a grudge for. Make this day count! I pray this blesses you today! Viv

Help When Christmas is Stressing You Out

I have to admit that this holiday season has been hectic for me and since my schedules didn’t line up with someone else’s for helping with a project, I now have my friend upset with me and that hurts me. We get so caught up in trying to do so many things on top of the already scheduled dr. visits or appts. Things just get criss crossed and feelings get hurt. I would like to be able to slow down and relax and enjoy what this Christmas is really all about…Christ and His gift of salvation. If you are running around today, I hope you can find the time to just breathe and focus on the real reason for the season. Viv

Help When Christmas is Stressing You Out
Holley Gerth

The wrapping paper lays scattered

Always remember

This was emailed to me and as I read it, I couldn’t help but think how true it was. Perhaps there is someone who needs to read these words today and I had to share them. I pray this will bless you in some way! Viv

Always Remember. . .

that God was with you when you woke and promises to be with you through the day

that if you allow, His presence can guide your steps.

to take the days just one at a time.

to count your blessings, not your troubles.

that with the presence of God and the love of friends, you’ll make it through whatever comes along.

that decisions are better left to prayer than to chance.

that nothing wastes more energy than worry.

that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful s

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The Star Of Bethlehem DVD

The Star Of Bethlehem DVD…

Prophecy News Watch is pleased to present to you again this Christmas season our most popular selling product of all time – The Star of Bethlehem DVD. We believe it is one of the most powerful DVD’s you can watch as a family this season to strengthen and encourage your faith. Over the past few years this DVD documentary has been seen by thousands and generated a huge amount of discussion across the globe. The Christmas season can often wrap us up in the traditions of the Bible in such a way that we adopt many Christmas stories without taking the time to dig a little deeper. I would like to challenge all of our subscribers this Christmas season to re-examine the story of the Star of Bethlehem. How much do we really understand about this event in the heavens? The B

If You Ever Feel Lonely, Read This by Lysa TerKeurst

This writing sure struck a cord with me. Most of my life even if I wasn’t alone, I felt alone. I sometimes feel as though I’m invisible and wonder what it is that makes me over looked? As I get stronger in my faith walk, I start to understand that God is always working things out in me and He wants me to realize that He has set me apart, not aside. If you have ever felt like this, I pray this will encourage you today! Viv

If You Ever Feel Lonely, Read This
by Lysa TerKeurst

There were many feelings I thought I’d have at this small conference I’d been so looking forward to attending. Acceptance. Fun. Camaraderie.

On paper, these were my people.

They lead organizations. I lead an organization. They are

What Introverts Can Give Our Wild World During the Holidays by Holley Gerth

I can so identify with this one. The Christmas season to me has gotten way too commercialized and I even feel a sense of sadness by it. I see people rushing around to buy things they don’t need or even afford all in the name of Christmas. But, as I am growing closer to Christ, I want to draw closer to Him in a silent night and just thank Him for coming into the world to save us from our sins. He already gave me the best gift ever given. Have you received it yet? If not, maybe you can stop and reflect on this and know the true meaning of what this most holy day really means. I hope this blesses you today. Viv

What Introverts Can Give Our Wild World During the Holidays
Holley Gerth

The holidays a

Don’t Give Up Yet, Friend

If you are seeking God and feel as if He’s not listening or caring, don’t give up. His Word instructs us to keep knocking, keep seeking and keep asking. This is an action word. We understand that in this life, only the best things are worth fighting for. Isn’t God and His blessings the best thing that has ever happened to you? Then don’t give up, He is listening! I pray this blesses you today!

Don’t Give Up Yet, Friend
Holley Gerth

We’ve all heard the saying, “If God closes a door, He always opens a window.” That implies that as soon as we see the door is closed, it’s time to move on.

But Jesus tells an interesting parable in Luke 18. He tells of a widow who goes and beats on the door of a wicked

You Don’t Need to Have it All Together

If you have ever read some of those women’s magazines, they will give you tips on how to be the “I’m every woman”. If you’ve ever tried to be every thing to every body you will know this just doesn’t work. We were not created to be everything to everyone, that is not our job description. We were created to be just who we are and when we put all our resources together, then we make up the body of Christ and this can go alot further when we all contribute what we do best and leave the rest up to someone else. God knew exactly what He was doing when He made you and me. Aren’t you happy you aren’t like everyone else? I pray this blesses you today. Viv

You Don’t Need to Have it All Together
Holley Gerth

A friend of mine and I

What to Do When Someone Barks at You by Holley Gerth

I am learning to pick and choose my battles more wisely because not every one is worth it. Some are meant to get us off track and lose sight of what really matters. And if something seems to not be going like I would want it to, I am not throwing in the towel. I am learning how to wait on God and trust that He gives us the desires of our hearts when we put Him in the middle. If you are getting discouraged, I pray this will bless you! Viv

What to Do When Someone Barks at You
Holley Gerth

My husband, beagle-basset {aka “bagel”} Katie and I stroll along a neighbor street as autumn leaves turn colors and occasionally toss themselves toward us like confetti.

We round a corner and a trio of dogs sound t

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Words are Weapons: Handle with Care-inspirational

Words have the power to heal or hinder, there is power of life and death in the tongue. The more I am realizing this I am an advocate for using my words to encourage and edify others. It has been an eye opening lesson to realize that words never come back void, for good or bad. Let’s use our words to build one another up and create a positive atmosphere. This is how God has meant it to be and for a good reason. I hope this blesses you today. Viv

Words are Weapons: Handle with Care
Holley Gerth

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They walk into my counseling office and bare the scars on their hearts.

They lean into me at blogging conferences and tell of unkind comments.

They confide in me over c

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I’d like to thank this person who purchased this Steeler’s Terrible Towel card. Your support is very special and I am grateful. Thank you!!!

A super sale!

I’d like to thank this person who purchased this Steeler’s Terrible Towel card. Your support is very special and I am grateful. Thank you!!!

5 Ways to Give Your Energy Levels a Healthy, Natural Boost

This came in my email and I know I’m not very good in the winter and am not looking forward to it at all. I thought I’d share these ideas in case you are like me. Maybe one or more of these will be helpful in staying energized during the duldrums of winter.

5 Ways to Give Your Energy Levels a Healthy,
Natural Boost

If you’ve got kids in your life like I do, you get a regular reminder of what your energy levels used to be like.

You probably remember when you could work a whole day and still want to go out and play in the evening. But as you get older, getting through a workday feels like a chore. And curling up on the couch at the end of the day to watch some TV sounds awfully nice.

The problem isn’t anything other than a lack of energy.

When You Feel Your Light Is Not Bright Enough by Asheritah-inspirational

I am always wondering if the Light of Jesus in me is shining as bright as it could be or should be. I don’t evangelize on the streets, I don’t really do much of anything that puts a spotlight on myself. What I do is share these messages that I feel can shed the Light of Christ in others should they read them. I may never know who or how many, but I do know, God knows and if He is getting the honor and the glory for just one, then I know my light is shining at just the right wattage! I pray this will bless you today! Viv

When You Feel Your Light Is Not Bright Enough
by Asheritah

“You are the light of the world,” Jesus said, as He took in the faces of all those surrounding Him.

There was James and

What You’ve Got to Give is Enough by Holly Gerth-inspirational

As I read this inspirational for today, it occurred to me that this is exactly what I prayed for this morning. My requests were not for myself but for others and even those who I don’t even know. I believe unless we go before the Lord to ask our petitions and requests He won’t move. We have to keep asking, keep knocking and keep seeking before we see His hand upon our situations. Are you seeking Him today in the lives of others? I hope this blesses you. Viv

What You’ve Got to Give is Enough
Holley, 2014-10-29 10:30

I woke this morning dreaming of big, delicious cupcakes with thick frosting and cream filling. You know the kind. Talk about sweet dreams. Amen.

And because everything in my life is

You’re Wanted…by Holley Gerth

You’re Wanted…
by Holley Gerth…

I don’t know how you came to be in this world. I don’t know who has walked out your front door or your heart. I don’t know if finding a seat at the junior high lunch table was easy for you or if you circled the room like a lost puppy. I don’t know if that opportunity you hoped for ended with a “We’ve decided to go with someone else.” I don’t know if life feels like one long rejection letter or one of acceptance and grace {or perhaps a bit of both}.

But I do know this: You’re wanted.

Before you ever took your first breath, the God who spoke the world into being dreamed you up. Your life is his declaration of, “I want her in this world at this particular time, in this particular place, for irreplaceable reasons.”

That first “yes” God spoke over you turned into

When the Mirror on the Wall Falls-inspirational

I post these inspirationals because as I read them I can recognize some things about myself in them and it makes me realize that as a child of God, we are all fearfully and wonderfully made and when we come to realize just how much He does love us when we are in Him, we come to realize that we are perfect, just the way we are. We are one of a kind and unique. After all, who likes things to be all the same? I pray this blesses you today! Viv


Oct 23 2014
When The Mirror On The Wall Falls
by Chavos Buycks12 Comments
Guests Imperfection
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I hated myself and the skin I was in. I was behind bars for seven years. Not physical prison

Wait in Hope-inspirational

It is my prayer that by sharing these inspirational messages, it would help comfort others during hardships of doubt or loss. We all need to be encouraged by the Word of God who is our Shield and our Strength when we need a place of refuge. I do hope these bless you today. Viv


I slipped on my shoes, grabbed my camera and headed out the door to go for a walk and breathe in my favorite time of year. I am in awe surrounded by God’s creation.

There is a crispness in the air. Leaves are turning colors. The fallen ones crunch beneath my shoes. Many flowers have left only seed pods behind. Combines are taking the crops out of the fields. Wagons are hauling the grain. The earth around me is


I know I have bought into these lies a time or two and maybe even still almost get caught up in them but I am growing stronger every day as I walk with the Lord. I know where my power comes from and I know the One Who loves me and will never leave me. I pray you are walking with the Lord Jesus too and fighting against the lies of the enemy. Blessings! Viv

Holley Gerth

Yep, I’m intimidated by you.

And by you, I mean women.

Put me in a room of my peers and it won’t be long before my hands are sweaty and I’m shaking in my boots (yeah, the cute ones I bought from TJ Maxx in the hopes they’d somehow hypnotize everyone into liking me—you know what I’m talking about).


When You Wonder if You’re Really Forgiven by Holley Gerth

If you don’t yet recognize that you have been forgiven by God’s mercy and grace, you are still bound by lies from the enemy, Satan who hopes to keep you locked up in this tormenting lie. My friend, believe that God already knew everything about you before you were ever born and He died for you anyway. He had no doubt that you were special and He took every sin you have ever done, are doing and will ever do and hung it on the Cross and said, ‘It is finished’. He loves you and me that much! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

When You Wonder if You’re Really Forgiven
Holley Gerth

I messed up. Again.

I sat on the back deck thinking about what a failure I’d been. What must God think of me?

I began

You’re Wanted By Holley Gerth

I understand how it feels to never be the one who comes out on top or to feel as though you are invisible in a room full of people. The world can make us feel like we just don’t belong or that we even matter one way of the other. But, one thing I also understand is that I do matter to the Father who created me. He knows why I’m here and He knows why you’re here too. My friend, He has a purpose for all of us and He has great plans as well when we are willing to trust Him and follow His lead. It’s not the world’s opinion of us that matters. What matters is if we will one day hear “Well done My good and faithful friend” from the One Who loves us like no one else ever can or ever will. I pray this blesses you today! Viv

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Hold Your Head & Heart High Today-Holley Gerth

Did you realize we all have a very real enemy who wants to make sure we don’t know our worth in God’s eyes? His name is Satan and he will go to any length to lie to you. We seem to base our self worth on what we can do or how good we are, but this is not how God sees us. When we belong to Him, He is always whispering messages of love in our ears. Today, say this affirmation out loud; “I am highly favored and deeply loved, I am the righteousness of Christ!” If you have received Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can be sure that this is what God is saying to you today and every day. This is the best way to combat the enemy who desperately does not want you to realize this! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

You’re Already Accepted by Holley Gerth

Condemnation is something we all feel and this leads to alot of lies we believe about ourselves. These however, do not honor God. We have a very real enemy named Satan who is all about tearing us down and leading us away from the truth that God wants us to know. God loves us too much to leave us where we are so He will convict us of our actions so that we may understand that with His help, we can be all who He has called us to be. Never mistake God’s conviction for Satan’s condemnation, it’s the difference of life and death! I pray this will bless you! Viv

You’re Already Accepted
By Holley Gerth

Will God reveal areas in our lives that need to change? Yes, of course.

But His conviction is about what w

Hope and a Future by Holley Gerth

Life is like being carried along by the sea, sometimes we are drifting along just fine and other times we are fighting our lives to keep our heads above water. But no matter where you are today in the tides of change, always know that you have One who sticks to you closer than a brother and His Name is Jesus. He will always promise you a good ending, just trust Him today. I pray this blesses you! Viv

Hope and a Future
Holley Gerth

“How are you doing this week?” I ask in an email that makes its way to her inbox. She replies a little later, “Feeling a little low.” It’s interesting how we use the word “low” to describe challenging times in our lives. When life brings hard times, it’s difficult to look

Light, for Your Darkest Days by Jennifer Dukes Lee-inspirational

Light, for Your Darkest Days
by Jennifer Dukes Lee…

Every once a while, I leave the house before dawn with my camera. I stumble sleepily—sometimes still pajama’d and barefoot—out the back door toward my car.

The car’s headlights cut holes in the dark, heading me aimlessly east along country roads. I want to get there—wherever “there” is—before the sun bumps above the horizon. Gravel cracks under my tires, and the landscape yawns before me. Thick, dreamy mist squats in valleys, like silk.

Then I stop the car. I wait.

I’ve become a chaser of the light.
sunrise, weeds

“It’s all about the light.” That’s what a professional photographer once told me. She said that if I wanted to take great pictures, it didn’t matter so much the model of my camera, or the quality of my lens. What really ma

Why God Allows Pain and Suffering

This was sent to me in an email and I wanted to post this. In this day and age there seems to be so much pain and suffering and people are so quick to blame God for it, even in fact He even exists. Here is a good analogy as to why so much pain and suffering is brought on by our own free will, the choices we make to leave God out of our lives and plans. The truth of the matter is that pain and suffering is real for everyone, but those who have faith in God are living with expectant hope and with hope comes peace about a future.

This is one of the best explanations of why God
allows pain and suffering that I have seen…

A man went to a barbershop to have
his hair cut
and his beard trimmed.

As the barber began to work, they began
to have a good conversation.

They talked about so many things
and va

God Isn’t Giving Up on You. Never Ever. by Holley Gerth inspirational

One way our adversary the devil defeats our walk is by telling us that God is disappointed in us and unless we are perfect, we will always fall short of His love and His blessings. But friend, that’s so not true. He made you with a divine purpose, flaws and all. He’s not recruiting those who are perfect, because no one is…except His Son who already paid that price for us. God just wants us to know that we are His child and His love covers us afresh every day. He’s not looking at the works of our hands, He’s looking into our heart. What’s in your heart today? I hope this blesses you! Viv

God Isn’t Giving Up on You. Never Ever.
Holley Gerth

Dear You,

We all mess up. We all fall short. We all wish we

Darkness to Light-inspirational story

I am sharing this inspirational story because in a way it could be my story, or maybe yours as well. The truth is, until we walk in the Light of Jesus, we are all living in the darkness. I was once a person living in the darkness and I want to just say, had it not been for Jesus shining His Light to show me the way out of that darkness, I really don’t know where I would be today. If you are in a dark place right now, please know that today is the day you can change all that. If you don’t know how, please feel free to contact me. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

Darkness to Light

September 20, 2014 01:20 AM | Liz Curtis Higgs

Autumn glory, shining everywhere

“Let light shine out of darkness…” (

You’ve Got Someone On Your Side. Always. By Holley Gerth

Prov. 18:24 says; One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Jn. 15:15 tells us this; I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. And lastly, Rev. 3:20 tells us; Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. My friend, these all refer to Jesus and how He wants to be our friend, and that He will always be with and even come and dine with us. There is no closer friend than our Lord Jesus. If You don’t know Him today, why not call on Him and see how quickly He comes, He’s just waiting

The Wild Art of Dreaming by Holley Gerth

I know I have shyed away from doing hands on art because I know it won’t turn out the way I had expected and therefore I have built a big block in my own creativity. What am I afraid of? It’s absurd. I think I will have to do exactly as a fellow artist told me to do, ‘just pick up a pencil and start!’.
God did not give me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind and He gave that to you too. I hope this blesses you! Viv


The Wild Art of Dreaming
Holley Gerth

Last week I got to share about God-sized Dreams with a group of amazing women at Camp Create. As I stood up to speak the first night I confessed, “Creating art used to scare me silly. I wouldn’t even go near a hot glue gun.”

My fear ca

God Wants to Encourage You Today by Holley Gerth

Depression is very real, whether or not you even realize the root of your sadness. Sometimes it just over takes you and you may think there’s no real reason to even feel this way. Don’t be fooled, this is one tool that the enemy will use to keep us from seeking joy because he knows full well that the joy of the Lord is our strength and wants to weaken God’s children more than anything. Just know, you are not alone today in your walk. Look up and seek His face and let Him encourage you today. I pray this blesses you! Viv

God Wants to Encourage You Today
Holley Gerth

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You encourage them and you listen to their cry. Psalm 10:17

It w

God Hasn't Forgotten You by Holly Gerth

I know from my own experience that when I am feeling a bit down and forgotten, it’s wonderful to have affirmation that in fact I am not. I know people can disappoint me but my God promised He would never leave me nor forsake me. If you are feeling forgotten today, just know that if you know Jesus, you will never be alone because He made you a promise and He is God and He can never lie. You can take that to the bank! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

God Hasn’t Forgotten You
by Holly Gerth

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The text message pops onto my phone as I sit at a coffee shop. “I’m so sorry! I forgot our meeting today. I’m on my way!”

I smile as I sip my latt

Even Your Darkest Night Will Lead to Dawn by Holley Gerth

I know from my own experience that it’s a reachable goal to ask the Lord to give you the peace of mind over the situations that seem to eat us up sometimes. In fact, I have been struggling lately with some issues from my past that had me so weighted down until I just surrendered it all to Him and asked that He take it and give me the peace I was in need of. Before I knew it, He gave me fellowship with some friends and a time to laugh and forget all about what was plaguing me. He has put it all in the proper perspective for me and I don’t look behind me or what’s ahead. I am learning to be grateful for this day and use it for God’s glory and my good. I hope this blesses you! Viv

Even Your Darkest N

It’s Okay for You to Rest…Really Holley Gerth

If we lose ourselves in all our projects, odds are we have also lost ourselves and we have most likely lost our relationship with the Lord. It’s not a sin to sit back, and just rest, no matter what time of day it is. It’s much like recharging your camera battery because if you ignore to plug it in, you will find yourself with no way to take pictures. Don’t get so caught up with all the cares of the day that you forget to just take care of yourself! Remember, we are human ‘beings’…not human ‘doings’. Slow down and be good to yourself so you can be good to others. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

It’s Okay for You to Rest…Really
Holley Gerth

{image by Bonnie Gray, author of Finding Spiritual Whitespac

When Life Lets You Down, God Wants to Hold You Up By Holley Gerth

I know from personal experience that when someone you love takes the time to notice you are hurting and wants to hear about it, the heaviness in our heart can lift almost suddenly. Jesus is the only One Who truly does love us enough to stop and listen and He does this by giving us others who live like Christ and show us that love. Love of this dimension is truly a miracle, it’s a God thing! I hope this blesses you today. Viv

When Life Lets You Down, God Wants to Hold You Up
By Holley Gerth

You are the One who lifts my head high. Psalm 3:3

She stands at the edge of the room and stares at the floor. All around her conversations flow and laughter pours out, yet she feels alone. Another time she migh

Words for the Weary by Rene Swope

Taking the time to listen to others and deposit words of power and positivity into their lives really does make all the difference in the world. God is teaching me how to do this in my life when others tell me things that concern them. For one, I can’t give them advice or tell anyone what they should do because my life is not their life. But I can be empathetic and tell them things that would be encouraging and then pray with them. I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me that my prayers with them really helped them through a situation. Our job is not to tear down but to lift up. I hope this blesses you today. Viv

Words for the Weary
Rene Swope

They met while Jill was coaching Leanne’s 1

How Are You...Really?

I am a firm believer in hearing people’s concerns and allowing them to open up their heart without judging or giving advice. I am also a firm believer in prayer and so when something like this happens, I will ask that person if they would like me to pray with them in agreement and the answer is always a resounding “yes”. All I do know is, when we pray for someone right then and there and they can hear our prayers and agree with them, it lightens the load and brings joy to the soul. I hope this blesses you today. Viv

How are you…really?
Kristen Welch

My thoughts were a million miles away and I didn’t even hear her call my name the first time.

When she said it the second time, I realized I’d been l

When Your Heart Needs a Little Rest…by Holley Gerth

I love the story of the shepherd (Luke 15) who left the 99 to go and find the one lost sheep. When he found it, he didn’t yell or scold it. No, he gently bent down, picked it up and laid it on his shoulder and carried it home again. This is the image of our Shepherd Jesus Christ. If you’ve ever drifted off from Him, He has always been right there to pick you up and offer you rest upon His shoulder, nothing was required of you was there? All Jesus wants us to do is to enter into His Rest and find peace and true joy in our lives because this is after all, the most important thing we can do for ourselves, and for others and most importantly for Christ. I pray this blesses you today!


The Lord is my she

God is With You Right Here, Right Now by Holley Gerth

One of the hardest things to understand in this life is that when we seem to fall short and feel like a failure, God is not mad at us. God doesn’t judge us the way we judge ourselves. You see, His judgement was already taken out on His Son who redeemed us all from our sins and only Christ is perfect and pleasing to the Father. You and I will never be perfect until the day we are glorified. This is the reason that we should be joyful and understand that when we are walking with the Lord, He is pleased with us just because we are His. I hope this blesses you today. Viv

God is With You Right Here, Right Now
Holley Gerth

When something difficult happens, it’s easy to wonder, “Where are you, God?” And his a

Scandalous News: You’re Allowed to Disappoint People by Holley Gerth

Have you ever tortured yourself over having to disappoint someone by perhaps saying no, or worse, have you ever felt overwhelmed by telling someone yes to something that you knew wasn’t right? I think we all have and maybe we still do. It’s very freeing to understand that we can’t be everything to everyone and it’s for their good and our own to do what we know is right and disappoint them for a little while. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

Scandalous News: You’re Allowed to Disappoint People
Holley Gerth

I sit across from my counselor and share about the pressure I feel to meet expectations. She listens and then responds, “It sounds like you think it’s a sin to disappoint people….”

“Um, yeah”

Psst…It’s Okay for You to Question by Holley Gerth

Just because we may not have found out what it is that God has intended for us just yet, does that mean we should give up trying to find it? Do we throw it all away and just do what we have to do? I think of all the time God’s people had to wait and wait some more until His time was right. I know just because we don’t think we are where we should be, that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t. If He put a desire in your heart then I believe it’s His plan to fulfill it and sometimes the reasons we get sidetracked are because we may be doing some things on our own, or even listening to what other people tell us we should be doing. I believe we shouldn’t listen to other people who think they know what we need because I have a God that has it all under control and He hasn’t let me down yet. I hope th


Have you ever gotten some devastating news? How did you handle it? When you have a relationship with the Lord Jesus, it still hurts beyond life itself, but He is the One who understands and you can talk to Him about it and He will hear and bring you through it to a place you can look back and see the bigger picture. He’s done this for me many times and all I can say is, I don’t know what I would’ve done without Him. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

Holley Gerth

Dear You,

The phone rings, the email comes, the conversation happens, and suddenly your world is sent spinning. How could this happen? It’s a surprise to you, but not to the One who holds all of time in

There’s Something You Should Know About Me by Holley Gerth

I think you will agree with me that we all feel this way at times and then we kick ourselves because we assume we are being selfish by not doing everything that is asked of us. But, this is not the truth and God never intended for us to be everything to everyone. So, relax and be exactly who God made you to be and then you will be the best person you can be for any situation! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

There’s Something You Should Know About Me
Holley Gerth

I slide into bed and pull the covers over my head. Even light and noise hurt. I feel weary to my bones. Have I run a marathon? Have I had an incredibly difficult day? Nope, I’ve simply been to a social get together. {Sigh}

Here’s the big c

Who’s Doing Your Thinking For You? Ravi Zacharius

It’s apparent that we live in a day and age where the internet does most of our thinking for us. On one hand it makes our choices so much easier but on the other hand, if we don’t take the time to explore all the options, we may never really know what we really want. I thought this was a good thought provoking article.

Who’s Doing Your Thinking For You?
Ravi Zacharius

I was oddly paralyzed in a used bookstore the other day. A feeling of helplessness seized me as I surveyed the creased spines of the numerous books crowding the dusty shelves. Rifling through the faded paperbacks, I felt bored and listless, like I was rehearsing a tedious habit I’d long since outgrown. Usually, time stops the s

"There cannot be a God, because there is too much evil in this world."

Ravi Zacharias

A common objection to the existence of God goes something like this: “There cannot be a God, because there is too much evil in this world.”

Here’s the problem with that objection. When you say there’s too much evil in this world you assume there’s good. When you assume there’s good, you assume there’s such a thing as a moral law on the basis of which to differentiate between good and evil. But if you assume a moral law, you must posit a moral Law Giver, but that’s Who you’re trying to disprove and not prove. Because if there’s no moral Law Giver, there’s no moral law. If there’s no moral law, there’s no good. If there’s no good, there’s no evil.

A Prayer When Your Strength Feels Small By Holley Gerth

Anymore, it’s so easy to get down on ourselves when we put so much pressure on us and believe that we need to live up to everyone’s expectations. But, I’ve been learning that this only adds stress and tension to our lives and by thinking this way, we may even believe that God is upset with us. But friend, God doesn’t demand from us, He gives! We need to learn to receive it. Slow down and ask Him into your heart and life and see how much peace He will give you! I hope this blesses you! Viv

A Prayer When Your Strength Feels Small
By Holley Gerth

God, We want to be strong. We want to push through. But sometimes life just gets tough.

You know what that feels like, don’t you? After all, you lived he

Scandalous Secret: You’re Extraordinary by Holley Gerthy

I am learning that we can feel down and heavy hearted and still know the treasure of being an encourager at the same time. I know God understands how our hearts hurt for others but He also knows what it is to be a light and lift others up no matter how we feel. We are human, we are meant to have emotions, if not we wouldn’t be alive. In a world that seems to be going crazy, it’s possible to take this time and do something positive today, we never know the effects that may come from it for the good! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

Scandalous Secret: You’re Extraordinary

Dear You,

You choose to thrive right where you are. You could be asking for greener ground, for easier choices, for a spot

When You’re Afraid of What People Might Think by Holley Gerth

There was a time when my outward appearance was everything. I would not be seen in public if my clothes and makeup weren’t up to par. Now that I think about that, how very sad and shallow I was. Now, my thought is this, I don’t need all that stuff to make me who I am, in fact, I’m more myself without it and I believe that people aren’t looking at the outward me as much as they are seeing what’s on the inside. I hope this will bless you today! Viv

When You’re Afraid of What People Might Think
Holley Gerth

I stand in front of the mirror and lean in close. I pluck a stray from my eyebrows, pat down an unruly piece of my ponytail and wipe a lipstick smudge from the corner of my lip. I’m going to an

Hope When You Feel Like Running…by Holley Gerth

Maybe some of you are feeling this way right now. I sure do understand what it’s like to feel weak and strong at the same time. Life can sometimes drain us and we almost feel like surrendering but that would be too easy. When you know Christ, surrendering to obstacles are never an option. Let go and let Him catch you and take over the steering wheel. He will get you exactly where you need to be! I hope this blesses you!

Hope When You Feel Like Running…
Holley Gerth

My feet hit the pavement and tears blur my eyes. I can’t even find the words to express how I’m feeling. I don’t know how to explain what my heart needs. I’m not even sure how to pray.

So I run.

I’m not running away from something.

I’m runn

You’re An Encourager, A Bridge Builder, A Difference Maker ~ Holley Gerth

How do we measure success? It usually involves money and recognition right? If we don’t have either, do you think God is disappointed in us? Absolutely not. Not everyone was made to be rich and famous and no one else was born to be you either. It’s freeing to realize that God loves who we are and we are serving Him with the works of our hands and especially just loving others, that is the heart of God for us today. I hope this blesses you! Viv

You’re An Encourager, A Bridge Builder, A Difference Maker
Holley, 2014-07-29 10:30

Jesus didn’t climb ladders…He built bridges.

Instead of reaching up for success He reached out in love.

We can do the same.

Because God isn’t looking for “success stories.”

God Wants to Know, “How Are You, Really?” by Holley Gerth

This is exactly how we are. We want to appear strong and have it all together because to show anything else would mean we are not believing in God. But, if we are honest with ourselves, we know we are not strong on our own, and we can’t hold it all together. But if we are strong in Jesus then we know He is holding us up and it’s ok to let others know just how you feel, that is not a sin. We need people who can encourage, empathize, pray, and just listen and hold us sometimes. This is what God wants from us, our total and complete dependency upon Him and to let others know that we are believing in Him for a miracle blessing. I hope this blesses you today. Viv

God Wants to Know, “How Are You, Really?”

Trusting God with the What Ifs

Trusting God with the What Ifs
Wednesday, April 9, 2014 By Margaret Feinberg…

“whatifs“ God is supernaturally tuned in to our frequency. His blazing eyes take in our slightest stir. His holy ears prick at our softest whisper. Better still, He’s in close proximity when we cry.” –Lisa Harper

Life is littered with what ifs.

What if there’s not enough money? Or resources to go around? Or the economy doesn’t improve? What if the person we’ve trusted breaks her promise? Or doesn’t fulfill his commitment? Or drops the ball completely? What if our health begins to fail? Or our loved ones pass away? Or we find ourselves alone?

Uncertainty surrounds us. The possibility of change can raise endless what if questions, causing us to worry. We all face legitimate challenges that need to be overcome, but w

You Don't Have to Carry So Much - Holley Gerth

This is what I would call an on time article. I was just talking with a friend about this very thing today. When we can truly get it into our heart of hearts that God doesn’t expect us to do this alone, that whatever He has called us to do, He will also empower us to do and the going is much less stressful. Life is not to be about always ‘doing’, but rather just ‘being’, we are human beings, not human doings. If you are a woman feeling raveled from trying to be everything to everyone, perhaps it’s time to retire some of those hats and deligate the chores and do the one thing you do best…love yourself so you can love others in the way they truly need to be loved. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

Why We Need You to Be You-Holley Gerth

I think I can say with confidence that I am not the one out there who has felt this way about her life from time to time. We as humans think our lives have to be some big, grandiose thing. We have to accomplish something so that we will be recognized…right or what? But, this isn’t necessarily true, and I’m discovering this. I’m beginning to relax in my own skin and accept my life for what it is. It may not have ended up how I had wished it would, but I do know that God is pleased with me right where I am. I have learned to accept that less is more and I don’t stress out about reaching for the stars anymore. I am blessed right where I am. I hope you are blessed from this too. Viv

Why We Need You

Living Unfiltered by Crystal Stine

How often do we put on airs and make people think we have it all together? Maybe too much if we are prone to pleasing people or wanting to be popular. But then we are alone, we are not that person at all and God gives us a nudge and reminds us that we are beautiful just the way we are and to just be ourselves and people will actually see that and like us more! Wow, what a concept. I believe I have gotten to this point in my life. For all those who have gotten to know me for me see a simple woman, with ideals and morals and doesn’t care about impressing anyone by having to wear makeup and dress up. What about you? Do people truly know the real you? I hope this blesses you today. Viv

Living Unfi

Who are you? By Jenni Catron

That’s a very good question. Do you really know who you are? Unless we know the One who created everything including ourselves, we will never be able to truly know our purpose in life. This article brings up some very good points and I pray this may bless you as it did me. Viv

Who are you?
Jenni Catron

Who are you?

A seemingly simple question that is quite difficult for me to answer.

In my counselor’s office late one Thursday afternoon, she posed the question to me: “Jenni, who are you?” Trying to understand the question behind the question, I turned it back around on her and said, “Isn’t that what you’re supposed to be helping me figure out?”

I knew that I wasn’t going to get off that easily as she fl

When You Want to Live Less Tired & More Inspired-inspirational by Holley Gerth

Finding true joy in our lives sometimes seems to be more of chore than a lifestyle. I am really having to re-think my own life and understand that true joy is in being who I am and understanding how my life can bring joy to others, rather than seeking joy in the world that just makes me happy. The kind of joy we have when we are fulfilling our role on this earth by recognizing the One who gave us this joy will be more ever lasting and lead to contentment than the the thrill of the ride, which will lead to discontent in the end, because we can never get enough of that kind of joy. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

When You Want to Live Less Tired & More Inspired

Holley, 2014-07-21 10:30

I sit with a w

Your Worth is Beyond Measure by Holley Gerth

It’s true that we humans are so size oriented, or position based. We put value on talent, money, accessories, etc. But none of this matters in the big scheme of things. We should be more aware of who we are and not what we are. Who we are is really what this life is all about. You can’t compare yourself to anyone else, because there is no one else quite like you! God created you and I to be unique and this is what we all need to focus on and discover we are someone special in His eyes! I pray this blesses you today. Viv

Your Worth is Beyond Measure
Holley Gerth

I click on the World Meters page and watch the numbers rise and fall before my eyes. Over 7 billion people on the planet. 119,439 births and 8

Yep, You’re Growing…and that’s Beautiful-Holley Gerth

When you belong to the Lord, you can’t help but change a little day by day and these changes are for the better. We become more and more like our loving Father without even realizing it. We have more compassion, more empathy, more patience and more love and after all, isn’t this what the world is screaming for more of? May I safely say that anything is possible with God and this change is all part of a relationship with Him. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

Yep, You’re Growing…and that’s Beautiful

Dear You,

When we belong to Jesus, because we never stop growing. Moment by moment, day by day, year by year, we become more like him.

And here’s the interesting part: we hardly ever notice it. Pic

Hope When You Feel Like Running…

I honestly feel like this sometimes. I think if we never have a moment similar then we are only kidding ourselves. But I am thankful that when I run, I am now running towards someone, the Lord because He’s very real, it’s not a hit or miss deal. I know when I fall into His arms He will catch me and keep me from falling into the pits of despair. Knowing Him makes all the difference in the world. It’s like either running off a cliff when you don’t know Him or being caught up in His arms when you do. I pray you know the Lord Jesus today, He will always catch you! Viv

Hope When You Feel Like Running…
Holley, 2014-07-07 10:30

My feet hit the pavement and tears blur my eyes. I can’t even find the

Come to Me-inspirational

As I sat in church this morning, the message was about letting those who are lost know just how much the Lord loves them and desires to have a relationship with them. He will never beg or plead, but wants us all to come willingly. If you are battling with something, anything today, give it to Jesus. He is not a what, but a Who. He is alive and He loves you. Won’t you come to Him today?

Come to Me
By Roy Lessin

Come to Me,
Separate yourself unto Me,
Know Me,
Trust Me,
I Am here:
My love is here,
My goodness is here,
My righteousness is here,
My grace is here,
My strength is here,
My ways, My works, My wisdom, My wonders are here!
Is there anything too hard for Me?

Know that the Lord, He is God. Psalm 100

You Don’t Have to Pretend to Be Strong-inspirational

I believe that being human is to act as though we should and can carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. We are told to ‘buck it up’ and don’t be a cry baby. Personally, I find this impossible to do at times. The truth is, when we have a Savior to lean on, we don’t have to pretend that we can do it on our own. If you know Jesus today, you also know that He will carry through this day. I hope this blesses you today!


You Don’t Have to Pretend to Be Strong
Holley, 2014-07-02 10:30

Dear You,

We all have moments when our trouble feels big and our faith feels so small.

I think of the story in the Gospels when a man who couldn’t walk was lowered through the roof by his friends and placed at the feet of Jesus. We all

You Don’t Have to Try So Hard Today-by Holley Gerth

The wonderful thing about knowing Jesus is the relationship we now have with our heavenly Father, and the more we understand that, the more we realize what a tender, loving and caring Father He is. He desires us to come to Him so He can take care of us. He has made us to rest in Him, not constantly be in turmoil. I hope this blesses you today. Viv

You Don’t Have to Try So Hard Today
Holley, 2014-06-11 10:30

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Dear You,

You don’t have to try so hard. I know sometimes you think you do. There’s a place inside that worries that if you let up for even just a little while, it may all fall apart—you may fall apart. But here’s the secre

When You’re Tempted to Compare by Holley Gerth

I think in this day and age, we are always trying to be someone other than who we are. Why is that? Is the world and the things of it that important? We want acceptance, approval and to fit in. Why would we want to be like anyone else? Don’t we love one of a kind things that make them different and unique? Well, that’s how our Father sees us. We are all wonderfully and uniquely created and we are perfect just the way we are. Let the world appreciate you today! I hope this blesses you. Viv

When You’re Tempted to Compare
Holley Gerth

Dear You,

We all compare ourselves to others at times. We look at other women and ask ourselves, “Why can’t I be more like her?” So let me lean across the table and tell y

Help when Your Life Feels Too Busy

Perhaps this is something you can relate to today and if it is, I pray it will give you some rest and some peace in your day to understand that God is in control, we just need to slow down and realize that. I hope this blesses you today. Viv

Help when Your Life Feels Too Busy

I sit on the back porch of my in-laws home. They’re settled on a peaceful piece of land. In the distance, gentle hills roll toward the horizon and cows lazily stroll through pastures of plenty.

But closer to us, a drama unfolds. Hummingbirds conduct mid-air battles over access to a feeder. Their wings whir and beaks point like miniature swords. At first I’m fascinated by this display of perseverance. Yet as time goes by and I see the birds begin to tire, I

Your Time is in God’s Hands

I do believe that God has everything under control in my life and yours. Sometimes we just don’t always understand what He’s up to or why things do take longer than we would hope. Just because we think something is right for us to do but it doesn’t happen for awhile, doesn’t mean God has necessarily shut the door. There is a timing factor and only He knows when that time will be. Waiting is a time to come closer and grow stronger in faith in understanding that Your Father wants all good things for you, even more than you do! I’ve learned not to sweat it all, because He is always showing me things that make me realize that what I may want just might not be the best at this time. So to that I say, ‘Thank You Jesus!’ I hope this blesses you today. Viv

When We Need to Be Seen – When She Has What We Want

This devotional spoke to me this morning. I have been in that place where I wanted so badly what my friends had, that I may have missed out on more that our friendship could’ve taken us. I know that too many friends end up not being friends over petty wants and jealousy. Life is too short for this. Instead, embrace the people in your life and rejoice with them for what they do have. This does not mean that you will never have the things you desire. What it does mean is that if God is big enough to bless someone else, He is also big enough to bless you. Learn to be patient, be grateful and wait upon the Lord. His timing is always perfect, and He knows just the right time to bless you with more than you ever hoped for. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

A Love Question: What Do You Really Want?

If you’re like me, sometimes you feel like you have to solve other people’s problems by giving them advice or telling them what you would do. But as I’m learning, this isn’t our job. By offering our advice we are often assuming things and most likely the wrong things and we can end up hurting more than helping. God has been dealing with me about this. I have to assume less and just listen more. Perhaps if I were just to ask, “What do you want?”, it might result in a much better relationship with that person. I hope this blesses you today. Viv

A Love Question: What Do You Really Want?
by Holley Gerth

The question shows up again and again. Each time I see it, I scratch my head a bit. Did Jesus really

You Call Me Out Upon the Waters-inspirational

I know that it’s the call of every Christian to want to go home to heaven, this is a natural thing. For we know that this world is not our home, and that we are but aliens passing through, sojourners on our way to our forever home. Death is not the end but only the beginning for those who trust in the work of Christ. I want to ask you this, if you died tonight in your sleep, are you sure you would enter into the heavenly kingdom of God? No one is promised tomorrow. I hope this will bless you today. Viv

You Call Me Out Upon the Waters
Holley, 2014-05-05 12:51

“You call me out upon the waters, the great unknown where feet may fall.” — Oceans

I’m sitting on the back deck of a restaurant overlooking

What Season is Your Heart in Today?-Holley Gerth

It’s so true, winter is a time to draw back and even inward. It’s a time to reflect on our lives and most importantly, a time to rest. By the time spring gets here, we feel rejuvenated and alive. We may re-evaluate our lives and are ready to step out and even stretch out into new adventures and think of ways we can give back to our community. May you find new life and new ways to feel that life within you to be all you were destined to be. I hope this blesses you today. Viv

What Season is Your Heart in Today?
Holley Gerth

Spring is just coming fully to the trees behind my house. Branches are becoming homes. I watch squirrels and birds build nests with mouths full of leaves and perhaps hearts

You Don’t Have to Live Up to Your “Potential”-inspiration

In all honesty, I know I have struggled with this, believing that I don’t do enough, but what is the ‘enough’ that I’m suppose to be doing? Other than remaining in the Rest of the Father, it all seems to be accomplishing chores and not glorifying God. The chief end of man is to honor God and worship Him only, but do we do this? I was watching a comedian named Ken Davis on t.v. and the whole message he had was that we all need to simply live a full life, not just get by. As we live for the Lord and thank Him each and every day for the new day and the time we’ve been given, we will start living life with a new outlook and if all the ‘stuff’ doesn’t get done today, well, praise God, He just may give us another day tomorrow to get it done. The important thing to remember is, just enjoy and ap

Happy Easter, Friend…You Are Loved

If you have truly soaked in the meaning of the cross, why it happened, how it happened and for whom did it happen then you would surely understand that it was all done out of love for you and for me. It is fact that Jesus was beaten, battered, bruised, wrongly accused and nailed to a cross for His love for us. He defeated death, and rose again to fulfill the purpose, which was to be that sinless sacrifice that would please the Father and remove our sins away from us, as far as the East is from the West. But the price of forgiveness is to accept Him and live for Him. There is no greater love than this. I hope this blesses you today, Viv

Happy Easter, Friend…You Are Loved
Holley Gerth

The words ju

You’re a Gift {Coffee for Your Heart}

There are a few things about me that I am not pleased with. One of them is the way I speak. I’m told it’s soothing and relaxing but it’s not a good phone voice for doing business follow up calls. I need to get more excitement in my voice. I immediately allow the enemy to convince me that no one will want to speak with me or possibly even take me seriously. Should I allow this to stop me or do I still get on that phone and speak to perspective clients? This has been my major down fall all of my life. As soon as I get to a certain point, I run into an obstacle and I quit. I think that I am going to have to make some adjustments in the way I speak and do it anyway. After all, this is the voice that the good Lord gave me and it’s the one I have to work with. What about you? Is there anything

Friend, You Can Rest Holley Gerth

Have you ever refused to stop until something was finished, no matter how tired you were? How did that work for you? I know when I did things without stopping, I made more mistakes and afterwards knew that I could’ve done better if I would’ve stopped and walked away for awhile. Well, this is what I do now. I have learned that unless I am well rested and at peace, I am no good to anyone or myself. It’s not a sin to take a breather, put your feet up and chill out. Believe me, you’ll feel better and so will everyone else around you. Be good to yourself today! I hope this blesses you! Viv

Friend, You Can Rest
Holley Gerth

Dear You,

It’s okay to rest. It’s even more than okay—it’s essential. Even

You’re Doing Better than You Know {Coffee for Your Heart}

Perhaps you may feel like me, that sometimes your whole life goes by unnoticed and that you aren’t contributing as much to the world or the people around you as you’d like. I use to feel like that and at times I still do. But, I have to remind myself that God is using me right where I am and when I feel His peace in my life, I am content to be small in the big scheme of things. Only He knows what plans He has for me up ahead, and He may just be getting me ready for something bigger in the future. All I do know is, I have to learn to be quiet and trust in Him, for I do know that he plans He has for all of us is to prosper us, not to harm us and to bring us to a good ending. I hope this will bless you today. Viv

Remember Who You Really Are {Coffee for Your Heart}

How many times do we as women punish ourselves for things that are totally out of our control, or even if we make mistakes? All the time right? I love this message because it reminds us that it’s not our circumstances that make us loved or valued by God. Remember, His love for us through His Son is unconditional, not circumstantial and He is well pleased with us, and He already knows everything about us because He made us. When we are weak, He is strong, so instead of being so hard on yourself, look to Him who can carry you through each and every day because His mercies are new every day. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

Remember Who You Really Are {Coffee for Your Heart}
Holley Gerth

Dear Yo

Say “Yes” Anyway

I bring these inspirationals by Holley Gerth because I believe as women, she hits home for all of us. We live in a fast paced world, and face it, women have to wear many hats in their life time. This can lead to burn out quickly. When we get over loaded, we are no use to anyone. She lets us know that we are allowed to be human, we are allowed to make mistakes and still know we are someone special in God’s eyes. I hope this article may enlighten you today in your walk. You deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. Viv

Say “Yes” Anyway
Holley, 2014-03-25 14:00

The moment you dare to speak a dream or desire there will be other words that come too. Word like “What if…” or “What will I do abou

The Ugly, Valuable Before Photo-inspirational

God’s Word tells us to never despise small beginnings. We live in a fast paced, have to have it now world. We have lost the ability to wait patiently for things and we get frustrated and unsatisfied. I use to be like that and all it accomplishes is wasting time, it’s unproductive. Instead, I am content to grow where I have been planted. If you think about a garden, it’s understandable that you want the seeds to grow in a rich soil so that the roots will be strong and healthy and produce good fruits, or vegetables or flowers. You can’t rush it. Our lives are the same way. We must learn to be content in where we are, growing in a good rich atmosphere, learning profitable lessons which will carry us to the next step. We are all a work in progress…this is life! And the fact that we are all in

Wise Words are Like Honey

Have you ever said something that you regretted later saying? I know I have and words are something that can not be taken back, even with apologies. This wisdom of keeping my mouth shut is something I am working on. The truth is, we often speak out of emotions and those are fickle. We can’t trust our feelings. It’s much sweeter to not say anything at all sometimes and this does take a conscious effort but the results will be much more pleasing to you, the other person and to God. I hope this blesses you today. Viv

A Sunday Scripture
Mar 23, 2014 01:20 am | incourage

The wise in heart are called discerning,
and gracious words promote instruction.

Prudence is a fountain of life to the prudent,

You’re Preapproved

As a Christ follower, I am in a relationship with a God who loves me, not for what I have done, but what His Son has done. I am forgiven in Him and His love does not wax or wane depending on my own self efforts. The fact that I understand what Jesus did for me upon that cross makes me want to please Him, like anyone we truly love. I am no longer bound to the law which no one can keep, but I am under grace that tells me I am loved and highly favored and so are you! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

You’re Preapproved
Holley Gerth

As women we’re so vulnerable to expectations, aren’t we? We carry checklists around in our purses and even more in our hearts. On them we silently write what we believe

Be Kind to Yourself Today

It’s taken me some time to understand what God’s Grace is really all about, but I’m slowly learning and you know what? It feels good, it frees the soul when you truly understand that God already knows all about us and He is pleased with us and wants us to keep moving forward without condemnation. He is always saying, “You are highly favored and deeply loved, You are the righteousness of Christ, not for what you’ve done, but because of what I’ve done for you.” To truly get this deep down into your soul is freeing! We are no longer in bondage to these lies! Set yourself free today and know that God truly loves you!!! I hope this blesses you. Viv

Be Kind to Yourself Today
By Holley Gerth

Dear You,

A No-Fail Plan for Your New Week

The only thing that really comes to mind when I read this is that we are not human doings, we are human beings. Let love be who we are, not what we do. I hope this will bless you today! Viv

A No-Fail Plan for Your New Week
Holley Gerth

I ask with a bit of hesitation in my voice, “But what do I do?” I’m in a new situation and longing for someone to tell me how to get it right. To give me turn-by-turn directions, a map and a compass. To show me how to keep from messing up.

My friend shrugs her shoulders and simply replies with a smile, “Just live with love.”

Her words echo in my mind and heart for days. And as I sit down with my art journal I turn to 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter. I write do

Common Sense & Happiness

I wanted to share this article today because it’s a subject that calls to each of us, finding happiness in a chaotic world. We have the freedom to choose this day how we will approach it. We can choose happiness or sadness in any situation, but we can’t do both at the same time, so ask yourself, what will you choose? We will feed the things we think on, so our thought life is very important to our well being. We fight our battles in our minds so one good thing to rid yourself of anxiety is to ask yourself in any given situation is, will it really matter a year from now? Sometimes we stress over things that most likely never happen and we waste alot of energy because we over think things. I hope this will bless you today. Viv

We all Need a Tree!

When I get a good email like this one, I like to share them on here because I think it’s worth passing it on. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

We all Need a Tree!

I hired a plumber to help me restore an old farmhouse, and after he had
just finished a rough first day on the job: a flat tire made him lose an
hour of work, his electric drill quit and his ancient one-ton truck
refused to start.

While I drove him home, he sat in stony silence. On arriving, he invited
me in to meet his family. As we walked toward the front door, he paused
briefly at a small tree, touching the tips of the branches with both

When opening the door he underwent an amazing transformation. His face
was wreathed in smiles

Hospitality Starts with Your Heart

This reminds me of something Erma Bombeck had written before she passed away. She jotted down things that she wished she would’ve done differently in life and it mainly was saying that we only have one life, and it’s short. We don’t have time to rehearse it, we don’t have time to be in the play without mistakes. This is the real thing and we must learn to embrace it and just love. Just as love covers a multitude of sins, love also covers a multitude of messes in our homes. Just love the people that God has placed in your life and enjoy this time that you can never get back. Today is the day for new beginnings! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

Hospitality Starts with Your Heart
Holley Gerth


You Can Encourage Someone Else

I have made a choice that this year, I would encourage others more than I may have been doing. I am seeing some of the people around me passing on before what seems to be their time. It is making me well aware that we are not invincible but rather very fragile. One thing I do not like in life is regret. I have promised myself that I will not have them anymore and one way to not regret is to forgive and take time to listen to a stranger or lend a helping hand to someone in need. Just have a heart full of love and show others the grace of God that is in you. We may never understand the impact we make for the better, but God certainly knows. Reach out and encourage someone today. Blessings! Viv

The Pear Tree

I read this on FB today and it has a very good message. Our lives go through seasons, some better than others, but the point is, we all go through them, good and bad. It’s a wonderful reminder that we can’t give up where we’re at, God isn’t finished with us yet. And never judge a person who is going through a rough season, better things are coming! I hope this encourages you today! Viv

The Pear Tree:

There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly. So he sent them each on a quest, in turn, to go and look at a pear tree that was a great distance away. The first son went in the winter, the second in the spring, the third in summer, and the youngest

Be Filled Up So You Can Pour Out

I kept getting phone calls this weekend from my niece who had gotten depressed about some things that were going on in the family and she felt like no one understood her or cared to. She knew that she could call me and tell me her concerns without being judged. I listened to her through her tears and I knew her concerns for her were real. I didn’t try to confront her with anything, I just merely listened to her and just this alone, had made her feel encouraged and joyful again. She did not need to be criticized or lectured, she just needed to be heard. Sometimes we can add to someone’s life just by being there for them. The fact that she was not sad anymore because of what I didn’t say also filled me up too. God just needs us to be supportive sometimes of others so He can work in them. I

When You Need Help Fighting a Battle in Your Life

Praise and worship of the Lord God is the mightiest battle against the wiles of the enemy who’s job it is to wear us down and get us to give up the fight. But when praise goes up to the Lord, blessings will come down and the enemy has to flee for he can not stay where praise of God is. The word says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, resist the devil and he will flee.” God says He will go before us in our battles and He has already won the victory. Don’t wait to pray and praise the Lord when you have tried everything else. Make this your first plan of action. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

When You Need Help Fighting a Battle in Your Life
Holley Gerth

“We have no power to face this vast army tha

When What God is Doing Doesn’t Make Sense

It’s at times like this when we need to know God’s Word and keep it in our hearts and bring them to the surface. When something in life happens that just doesn’t make any sense I remember that God’s ways are not our ways, His thoughts are higher than ours. That gives me comfort because He alone knows the end from the beginning and He promises to give us a good ending if we are in Christ. Our loved ones die sometimes unexpectedly and that makes no earthly sense at all, but when you know God and trust that He is always in control, you can draw peace from that to know that it’s something we may never understand this side of heaven, but one day it will be revealed to us and we will say, “Oh, now I understand!” There’s just some things that we can never hope to comprehend and we are on a don’t

When Life Makes You Want to File a Complaint

This devotional today brings up a very good point. As a Christian, we feel discouragement and we get sad and we don’t like everything that happens in life. We are told not to be negative, so that leads us to withholding our true emotions inside and not being honest. This is not what God wants for us, He wants us to be able to be honest with ourselves and others as He gives us people who can understand and empathize and comfort us. But it’s all about attitude that He considers. We can not go around with a bad attitude just grumbling and complaining about everything that doesn’t go our own way. We can most certainly go to the Father with our cares and concerns and lay them at His feet so He can comfort us. But just to complain is not how it is to be done. With God there is always hope and w

When You Need Peace and Quiet

This inspirational for today is one that hits home for me. Yesterday I learned of the death of a family member and today my step son who suffered a massive heart attack last night. Instead of allowing stress and worry to creep into my life and asking questions that will never be answered, instead I turned to the Lord and gave it all to Him and received His peace and I also prayed this for my husband as well. There just comes a time when we must trust God for everything and know that when we give it all to Him, He goes into action for us as He tells us to simply rest and let Him take care of it all. If you are trying to solve the world’s problems today, let them go, give them over and enter into His rest today. There is no better place to be. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

When You Mess Up

I sometimes can’t help but think how God must laugh to Himself at the things we say and do. I now realize that on my own, I am nothing and can do nothing. But, when you realize who you are in Christ then everything revolves around Him and what He’s done for us. Through Christ, we can do all things, so when we mess up and think we may have altered the shifting of the planets, we only need to stop and look to the One who created it all from speaking it into existence and our little mess ups are never too big for God to handle. If we stumble and take a wrong path, never worry, He always has an alternate route that will still get us where we need to be. God is God, we are not, and He is faithful and true. We are forgiven and deemed righteous because of what He has already done. Let today be a

What Brings You Joy?

I think how blessed I am to receive these lovely inspirationals every day so that I can share them with you. Reading them makes me realize that we are loved by a big God Who wants us to be at peace and have joy in our lives. So often, we as women have big roles to play as a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister or a friend, and we want to be there for everyone and forget about what we need. It’s ok to slow down, it’s ok to put our feet up and take time to enjoy who we are, for just ourselves! It’s not a sin to enjoy our every day lives and not feel guilty about that! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

What Brings You Joy?
Holley Gerth

Dear You,

When you enjoy your life you bring joy to the One who gave

Hope When You Fall Short

In a recent post, the writer had said that God did not make the human brain to be able to think of 2 different things at the same time. We can either think on the good, or the bad, but not both at once. So, if we have the choice in how we think, what do you suppose would be the best choice in any situation? We can think on all things good, positive, and godly and be content, or we can make a decision to think the wrong way and always be discontent. I like Philippians 4:8; Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. We have to learn to turn our upside down thinking, right side up! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

When Your Heart Needs Grace

Grace, God’s amazing grace, unearned and unmerited is often times under estimated. God doesn’t change…we do. Instead of putting Him in a box and tying His hands, we need to be thanking Him all the time for His grace that is new every morning and gives us everything we need to make it through each day. The next time you are feeling low or slightly depressed, just say to yourself, ‘I am deeply loved and highly favored of God’. That is putting truth inside your head that can reach your heart and turn your frown upside down! God loves you!!! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

When Your Heart Needs Grace
Holley Gerth

The lights in the sanctuary flicker as we sing in the near dark. It seems fitting b

God is True!

In a world where there seem to be no absolute truths, God is the living Truth! Without absolutes we as a people will fail to understand His standards. We are adopting beliefs that are contradictory to God’s Truth. We want to glorify sin and call it something else and we become tolerant, but God does not change and sin is still sin no matter how we perceive it. There are not 50 shades of gray in life, it is either black or white and in the end, God is always right and true and it is we who will have to stand and give an account for our lives. I always say that if we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything! I pray this will bless you today! Viv

God is True!

Even if everyone else is a

You’re Not the Only One Who Feels Afraid

Fear can cripple us if we allow it to become real. But I like to think of fear as False Evidence Appearing Real. We can allow our minds to run away with all kinds of crazy thoughts and wear ourselves out and most of the time, nothing happens. Fear only succeeds in wearing us down and keeping us from living a victorious life. We can choose to be un afraid, or we can choose to be afraid. We can’t choose both at the same time. What will you choose to do? How do we choose to be un afraid? We keep our minds focused on everything praise worthy and towards God. I hope this will bless you today.

You’re Not the Only One Who Feels Afraid
Holley Gerth

I’ve been thinking about fear lately. How we all fac

What You Need to Know for the Highs and Lows

I love these devotionals by Holley Gerth. She has a way of helping us realize that we are all human and we all experience our human feelings, but this is not how God sees us through our good times and bad. He loves us just the way we are. When we are feeling neglected, only we can change that because God is always with us and He is also for us. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

What You Need to Know for the Highs and Lows
Holley Gerth

Take comfort

This life is full of ups and downs. There are moments when it seems as if you’re touching the hem of heaven because they’re so dazzling. And others when it seems you stand on the brink of hell because they’re so heart wrenching.

We can tend to feel

Life is all about choices, how do you choose?

I received this email today and it makes so much sense. One thing we all have in this life is choices…either wrong or right, but circumstances don’t have to decide for us. I thought I would share this with you today and pray it will be encouraging. Blessings, Viv
Read this, let it really sink in – then choose.…

John is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. When someone would ask him how he was doing, he would reply, ‘If I were any better, I would be twins!’

He was a natural motivator. If an employee was having a bad day, John was there telling the employee how to look on the positive side of the situation. Seeing this style real

What You Long to Hear on the Hard Days {Coffee for Your Heart}

I can certainly identify with this. It’s automatic for us to tell someone we are fine when underneath we feel like life is falling apart. But, after all, we seem to go through these times and make it to the other side every time. This is just life and in these times, we can encourage others who may be going through this right now. As God has told us, “This too shall pass.” It’s these times that we will either fall apart or grow stronger in faith. It’s taken me many of these roller coaster rides to believe that my life is in His hands and that He has promised me a good ending, no matter what it may look like right now. If you are going through something today, please know that you are not alone, you have a loving Savior who is always by your side and is leading you to the other side. Chris

Thank you for this honor of painting my work

Last year, RB member, Jan Szymczuk asked if he could use my photograph of The General for one of his paintings. I was honored that he would choose my work and I gladly told him yes. Today, he sent me this update on how far along he’s come with it. I am very pleased with what he has done thus far.
Please check it Here
You can see my photo below.

The General
by vigor

As You Look Back On Your Week

I love this inspirational, because it says it all so well. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you haven’t accomplished everything on your to-do list. Just sit back, take a deep breath and don’t forget to exhale. Tell yourself that you are loved and highly favored and that you love yourself just the way you are. There is always tomorrow to tackle those things that didn’t get done today. Enjoy life, it’s the only one you have! I pray this blesses you today! Viv

As You Look Back On Your Week
Holley Gerth

I don’t know what the last few days have held for you. Perhaps it’s been a relatively easy week. Maybe a hard one. Or you might have had a bit of both mixed together. And if you’re like me, you’re lo

Problems are Only Problems When Taken Out of Perspective

Problems are Only Problems When Taken Out of Perspective
By Vivian Gordon…

I don’t think I know of anyone who doesn’t have a problem of one kind or another. Some are bigger than others and some are even life threatening. Not one is any less a problem than another, especially for the one who is going through it.

But, we can create more problems for ourselves when we can’t put things into proper perspective. You may be thinking this is easier said than done. I will say this, in order to do this, you must have trust and faith in God Who is bigger than all our problems combined. I am learning that it’s easier to trust that the Lord is in control and that He sees my problems and He’s working them out to His glory. Being a Christian is not for the faint of heart. It’s a new way of living. It’s ta

This is beautiful!

This was sent to me this morning via email and it was so beautiful that I wanted to share it with you. It’s like a mini vacation for your eyes.
Dedicated to our friends in the beautiful land of Canada!!!

Remember to Breathe!

Keep Loving with all Your Soft, Fierce Heart

I think this is important information for us who may have a tendancy to wear our hearts on our sleeves and are told it’s a sign of weakness. The world is tough and it seems that unless we can go through it without much emotion, we have everything under control. But, truthfully, if we try to hide behind a tough exterior, we will eventually crumble on the inside. It’s wonderful when we can express our love and affection on others, even when it may seem impossible. Only then can God use us to show His love in a hard, cruel world and things will begin to shift around and believe me, you will love what happens next! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

Keep Loving with all Your Soft, Fierce Heart

What To Do?

Life is so daily, it continues on constantly. We all face battles, that’s a given. But, it’s how we handle them that will determine the out come. I thought this devotional by Day Spring might be encouraging to someone today. For every question we have, God has the answer for us in His Word and promises to bring us out with victory. I pray this blesses you today. Viv

What To Do?

Facing a battle?

Don’t try to-

  • Figure your way through,
  • Reason your way through,
  • Guess your way through,
  • Feel your way through,
  • Push your way through,
  • Manipulate your way through,
  • Fake your way through.

What should you do?

Trust your way through!

We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon You. 2 Chronicles 20:12 AMP


You’re Beautiful…Just As You Are {Coffee for Your Heart}

I find these inspirationals very confirming in what God tells us. As a woman who has lost her youthful beauty, I no longer am consumed in what my outside looks like as much as I am about the inside of me. When a graciousness is shown to others, the cosmetics of a person don’t even show so much when the other person sees them through the eyes of God as well. At this rate, we may put the cosmetic industry out of business!!! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

You’re Beautiful…Just As You Are {Coffee for Your Heart}
Holley Gerth

Dear You,

I wish I could hold a mirror in front of your face and your heart today. I imagine you would be quick to point out what you might call “flaws.” You’d tell me what

Gliche in posting works

I have noticed that in the last couple of days when uploading a picture it will jump to my profile page when I hit SAVE.
I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? I’m hoping it’s just a temporary gliche that will get straightened out.

When You’re Misunderstood…

I have a saying that goes, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” I choose to stand for what is right and true according to the word of God and anything else will fall away.
I hope this message will bless you today if you are going through a time of being misunderstood by the world. Viv


When You’re Misunderstood…
Holley Gerth

If you try to do anything worthwhile in this life–love, pursue a dream, grow–then at some point you will be misunderstood. And if you try to live in a way where everyone understands you all the time then you will not stand for anything.

Why, we wonder, at the very moment when I’m saying “yes” to what God has called me to do would this happen? And I th

When You Slip, Remind Your Heart of This…

I received this email by Holly Gerth this morning. Upon reading it, it has given me courage to keep going. Like some of you, I get to certain points in my life and then feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me. I start to question things and then end up talking myself out of the greater things that God has for me. This year, I truly want to keep persuing what I feel is on time for me. I just hope this might help some of you who might be feeling the same way. Don’t quit, don’t give up and don’t think that you are a failure, because it’s all part of growing into who we are. Take heart, keep going! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

When You Slip, Remind Your Heart of This…
Holley Gerth

Your Life Has a Purpose–Always

This year, I have decided that words of encouragement are so important. It seems that so many of us feel beaten down in life and may even believe we have no purpose here on earth. But if you are God’s child, He says differently and I think this devotional says it beautifully. I pray this gives you hope and encouragement today!

Your Life Has a Purpose–Always
Holley Gerth

My Grandpa flew from far away to see us for Christmas. He’s 93 years old and when my Mom asked him about the secret to aging well he said this, “Don’t worry about it. It only happens one day at a time.”

His words echoed in my mind and heart. And I realized there are two kinds of people: Those who see life as a process of getting

The Value of Volunteering

Volunteering this year is something I have been thinking of doing. I have done it before at a nursing home and it turned out to be a very fulfilling experience because as it turned out, I was not only giving my time to others, but what I gained in the process could not be bought with money. Life is suppose to be about giving and receiving, it’s not all about money. When we give our time and our hearts away, it’ll all come back to us in ways we could never expect. How can we make a difference in the world?

The Value of Volunteering
Daily Inspiration
By John H. Sklare, Ed.D, Lifescript Personal Coach
Published January 06, 2014

I receive many messages from people who, for one reason or another, have

The Problem With January

Resolutions are always started with the best intentions, but they have been proven not to last through til the end of the month. We try to plan and better ourselves but then before we know it, we get sidetracked and then our plans get laid aside. The truth is, every day is different and we can’t plan this far ahead if we want to be real about it. Things happen, that’s life. I have learned that the more I think about what I want to make into a law will only succeed in failing because I can’t meet my own expectations. Instead of planning on a diet, it’s better to try and just eat healthier. We need to be easier on ourselves and go more with the flow. I am learning that right believing will lead to right living. We don’t need to set our goals higher than what we can reach. Just one step at a

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