Why You Don’t Have to Hold it Together for the Holidays

The holiday season isn’t always a happy one for many people for so many reasons. But you know what? It’s ok to feel broken. God knows our hearts and He is the only One who can put us back together, it’s His job! Blessings! Viv

Why You Don’t Have to Hold it Together for the Holidays
Holley Gerth

I sit in the soft silence of a church service and draw in a deep breath. “Get it together,” I tell myself, “It’s the holidays and you’re supposed to be happy.”

But the reality is…I’m hurting. I miss my Grandpa who slipped home to Jesus last summer. Other holidays seasons have held similar struggles. I remember fighting back tears on our journey of infertility. I’ve sighed from exhaustion after pushing through end of the years projects. I’ve battled seasonal depression.

Rather than being a comfort, all of this makes me even more certain that this is the year I must.be.okay.

But in the quiet dark it seems I hear a whisper deep within my heart, “Go ahead and be broken…I’ll hold you together.”

It turns out holding it together isn’t in my job description: “God holds all things hold together” {Colossians 1:17}.

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Holley Gerth

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