VIGIL back in print

Press Release- 31/12/08

Vigil issues #1 to #4 available now at

Vigil is now available as

Vigil was first published in October 2006 as one of the first 5 titles published by Local Act Comics of Melbourne Australia.

A meditation on violence and its impact on everyday people’s lives, Vigil follows the lives of three men and women as they respond in individual, personal, political and collective ways, to acts of violence. Some will face violence with peaceful opposition, some will fight using violence against itself and others will become…the violent.

Vigil is written by Graeme McDonald and illustrated by Colin Wells, with Frank Lee as inker of issue 3. provides an outlet for independent comics using the Print on Demand services of the parent site,

The individual issues are available at the following URL’s;

Vigil #1

Vigil #2

Vigil #3

Vigil #4

Cost will be $2.50USD per issue.


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