I Pulled it Off!!!!!

I offically entered the dangerous territory that every parent dreads.Allow me to explain. My worst subject in school was math. My 14 year old son (who happens to be rather brilliant) Came to me with a somewhat bewildered look on his face……….and a math book in hand! (GASP)

I know what comes next………….too late to hide, he has seen me!

Rats. Have to try and remember how to divide fractions. Not only that, but I have to do it well enough to guide this young mind so that he will be able to do it on his own!!!!

OK… Think. Something about a reciprocal. Yes, mulitply the reciprocal. (What exactly is the reciprocal? ) Oh Yeah. Opposite. Damn…..Opposite of what?

Sweating bullets now. Does he realize that I am not the fount of unending knowledge yet? Have to STALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin, Get mom a drink and we will get started. Some tea would be nice. (HA! We are out of tea. Just bought myself a few minutes to read the text like a mad woman!) Yes son, It is on the bottom shelf! Are you sure? Ok, then Ice water.

Needless to say…….My title as genious in the eyes of all of the young ones is intact. Pulled it out of that dark place just in time to save my status as super mom, and keep the pride also!

WHAT? Next week you study Shakespear? HONEY!!!!! Google MacBeth! Quick!!!!

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