March 28 2009 ...and so ends the first week of my participation...thank you everybody

And so today, I have just finished the first week of my participation at the Redbubble site.
Fortunately, I had some time to get involved, enter some challenges, vote on some challenges, and have a good snoop around.
It was exciting to upload my first 30 images and receive 16 features , an image of the week and a couple of placements in the challenges .

3 of my images received DOUBLE FEATURES !!!

  • “it’s spring”* received 2 features, 37 comments and fourteen favorites…during this week…so I give myself a pat on the back and thank all the members who commented, for their support and encouragement.

“Cranesbill’s rain dance” received 2 features

“Dreamsicles” received 2 features

There are so many wonderful things to see at this site…I look forward to a continuance…although as I work as a gardener, spring has sprung and I will have to be very busy with my work now between the equinox and the solstice.
Looking forward…..

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