the limitations of commenting on the Advertising world....

Without being filthy.

It’s a bit hard. And no, that’s not a Benny Hill type double entendre. I made a pithy but ultimately rather rude cartoon about my Ad agency last Thursday which amused many who have been in the industry, but I can’t post here. I think I’m going to make the Catskis into a web comic, so I’ll save all the smut and swearing for that.

I’m on holidays at the moment, and I’m meant to be painting. Peektures that is. More on that later.

I had a lovely idea for another couple of Catskis’ this morning but I’ve recently saved my emac from going on the scrap heap, and consequently lost a bunch of applications, including Indesign, which is what I use to do the Catskis, so I’m have to going to wait until I go back to work so I can use their (superior) resources.

More as it comes to hand.


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