My Journey

This is written specifically for the Artists with Disabilities Group … sharing how I got to where I am!!

In 1988 I had my first heart attack – luckily we had a very good doctor who knew ‘hearts’ and helped me through numerous further attacks until, finally, following yet another episode, I chose to relocate to a better climate for my degenerating lungs, and ease stress by leaving behind a distressing marriage. I left directly from the hospital with only the clothes I stood up in and ended up living down the South Coasat of NSW.

In 1999 my cardiologist recommended open heart surgery. After 5 bypasses I spent two weeks in intensive care, another two weeks in hospital and further time in rehabilitation … during this time other organs failed and caused some dramas also.

Fortunately, I had a wonderful friend down the south coast who wouldn’t hear of me driving the 45kms to see a specialist, or do my shopping. With her help I managed to take care of myself for about ten years, till about two years ago. At that stage I opted to come into a hostel situation and be looked after as now even 100 metres was a long walk.

Have been in the hostel room for two years now, and my health has continued to go downhill. I have had a pacemaker and defibrillator fitted, am on oxygen at nights, and some superdooper plumbing (although not very comfortable!!) fitted to cope with failing ‘waterworks’. With the aid of my walking frame I am finding my limit about 60 metres, walking. Cold weather is one of my greatest enemies.

Thankfully the rooms are heated and my daughter had enough patience to teach me how to use a computer. I decided to buy a digital camera and join first with DPF then these crazy people on RedBubble. It has given me a new lease of life … so Max and Jennie, thanks for making my life a lot happier and content by running this group. Just hope you can cope!!!

Vic (also known as The Clown Prince – because of the jokes that I paste on the door to my room to cheer the place up a bit!!!)

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